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How To Create Your Own VTU Business Website From Scratch Like RechargeAndGetPaid (Step-by-Step)

Do you want to learn how to create a Professional VTU Business Website that process payment automatically without you manually doing it, here is my step by step secret I use to create my VTU Website from scratch online.

I would advice you Watch that video above, if you can’t hear me clearly, leave a comment here let me do another video on this.

Here in this guide article, I am going to show you my step by step method I used to create www.dataplaza.com.ng and sell data without stress online. If you are new in the web designing stuff, this wouldn’t be confusing and frustrating because all the steps are just drag and drop installations.

What you will need:

How To Create A VTU (Virtual Top Up) Business Website – step by step 

First let us know the basic aspects or the skeleton of these big VTU Business Website we have in Nigeria today like RechargeAndGetPaid.com, Topupandearn.com, salary4life.biz and many others like jumia one.

To become a VTU Business Reseller, you have to be a fully registered member or have a VTU Business Account.

Read more on: How To Create A VTU Business Account

Let’s continue, if you have read that post before but if you have not and want to start this business, I would advice you go and know deep of what VTU Business is all about.

Another thing that is also important is fund (money) money to start start this business is quite expensive but do not worry, I would show you how I bypass this stage but it is not magic or miracle, just strategy and God’s Grace.

Learn how to create a vtu business website

After I joined this VTU Business, I contact my company agent care center and ask them if they can help me create a powerful automated VTU Business Website like theirs but they said no,  that I can only do the business via their platform online through VTU App,  Website etc. But I never stop there and as a blogger felt that my experience and story can help someone that is why I am sharing this post public.

If I had charge ₦20,000 for this open secret you are about to know, you would gladly pay without regret because it actually works.

See demo here:

I created this site with Google Blogger (Blogspot) and I just purchased a custom domain name from Whogohost using this link, under 48 hours, everything was fully set up, you can go and test it by buy a data even if it is 1GB to see if it is working well. You can set up your payment gateway with any available payment gateways in your country.

You can use any of the following online  payment gateway integrations.

PayPal (Business Account) – Send and Receive Money in Nigeria.

Paystack – Recommended.

Ravepay by Flutter – (New).

Bank Transfer or Deposit.

If you want to use a more professional platform, I recommend you using self wordpress and just install woo-commerce plugin or any other e-commerce plugin.

Back to how to create VTU Business Website from scratch! ✍️

For those that are going to be using Self hosted with my referral link, please let me know to help you if you find any problem 😋

Others listen to me, you can the integrate Woo-commerce with PayPal or Paystack or the three common payment gateways such as PayPal, Paystack, Bank etc. And create different products of various networks like MTN, Glo, 9mobile, Airtel, Smile, Gotv, Startimes and Dstv etc.

It will take you just 24hrs to edit all this if you are a pro blogger but weeks if you are new.

Next step is to test your site and set it live on the internet for others to access it.

Las Las, Promote your VTU Business website and make more money & Profit when others buy from your website or join your VTU Business Platform with your link.

No Scam! 👍

What you would need to learn again:

How To Fund Your VTU Business E-Wallet.

☑  How To Transfer VTU Fund To Someone E-Wallet Online.

☑  How To Start VTU Business.

☑  How To Make Someone Join Your VTU Business.

What Platform Would You Use To Create Your Own VTU Website

Self Hosted Wordpress  or Google Blogger (Blogspot) 

New Update! 

How Much To Create A Website Like RechargeAndGetPaid

This Steps I shared Above are just a simple Basic Steps to use to scale up your Business as a VTU Agent in Nigeria and if you have joined popular platforms like RechargeAndGetPaid or others.

How To Create A VTU Website Exactly Like RechargeAndGetPaid 

If you want to create your own VTU Website Portal from scratch, like theirs, it is quite expensive and it would cost you up to ₦200,000 or more, depending on the features you want.

This is not using any plugin or Whatsoever, this is using programming language.

We already have a script for it that we sell to Web Developers and we can also Create Your Own V.T.U Website were you can start selling data and airtime, Nepa Bill, TV Subscriptions and Gotv Recharge.

VTU Creator: Create VTU Like RechargeAndGetPaid
Create A VTU Payment Site
How To Create A Bulk SMS Portal Website

Do you want this Service.?

Contact Us Now, Send Us a Message on Whatsapp and get it delivered.

Note: You must have at least ₦200,000 for Webhosting, domain name and Api Integrations plus script.

If you also want to see our demo and samples, you can contact us.

Order for this Service Now.

Virtual Top Up Business is the Next Oil Goldmine Business,  Tap into it Now.

We also sell our VTU Script for Developers and Create VTU Website, Mobile App (Android & iOS).

Here is what our Script can do:



You can use custom APIs, supports both GET and POST methods, Custom headers and server-side parameters can also be used on API tool.

A fantastic automated and instant digital delivery system that can process transactions and deliver service without your input.

The script has a fantastic and modern UI, built in animations, loaders and smooth-sweet alert and notifications.

You can build and install your own custom theme and design, it allows changing of colours with easy colour picker tool.

Multiples languages can be used, User/Admin can switch between languages with just a click, stores the selected language on user’s browser and load language from the browser any time the user returns to your website for better user’s experiences..

The script support different payment methods and different payment gateways, currency can be set for those methods which will be converted to the currency set on the system as default when making transactions.

The script has API service available for your users which will be automatically generated based on services available on the system and it has well explained API documentations for your users and resellers.

Each user has unique referrer code and widget, JavaScript and HTML codes are available on your installed portal to display banners that will be uploaded by you for your users to share and paste on their websites or blogs

A secured back office to manage your website and support unlimited admins’ well-defined permissions or access for each admin.

You are at liberty to set your own price discount and commission rates for multi-level users.

The script is responsive to any screen sizes such as mobile, tablet and desktop screens, it can be converted to mobile app.

Instant funding of your user’s wallets after card payments or USSD

We sell the Script at affordable price for developers only

  • ₦5000/per Month
  • ₦30,000/ per year 
  • ₦80,000/ One Time Payment (lifetime unlimited access)

We totally understand that is not everyone that is a developer which can install our script themselves or for non Developers.

We have a team of developers that can handle that job for you while you focus on Promoting your website or mobile app.

Click on the order now button to hire a Developer.

How Much To Create A Website Like RechargeAndGetPaid

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