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(New MTN Code) See New USSD Code For All Network To Recharge, Check Data Balance, Buy Data *312#

MTN New USSD Codes Explained

Here are detailed list of new ussd code for all network, MTN New Code, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile. What is the new mtn data code and how to buy data and check airtime balance, check data balance. the new ussd code is…

let’s find out 😉

New USSD Code For MTN, New USSD Code For Airtel, New USSD Code For Glo, New USSD Code For 9mobile.

Over the past years of MTN Nigeria operation, MTN has maintained a recharge card loading code of *555*PIN# and then a partner code which is 10 digit recharge with *3351*PIN# (mtn partner code) but the overall recharging pin has changed. In this tutorial tip, you will see for yourself mtn new recharge code and mtn new data code plus how to recharge your MTN card now.

MTN is a telecommunication network SIM that has over 75 million subscribers and is one of the top registered SIM cards in the Telecom business. Some individuals have it as their main line which their NIN and BVN are linked to, in case they want to welcome back or retrieve their SIM card after being stolen.

Another favourite reason why many like using this network are because it is kind of more stable in internet connection and offers Night browsing and night calls.

If you stay till the end of this tutorial, I will give you a free MTN cheat for browsing and night calls.

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Let us introduce a new category here, we can call it DR. SIM 😁

Okay, welcome to the DR SIM tutorial here on IncomeBrain.

So, let’s dive in to new ussd code for all network incomebrain

What is the new mtn data code and recharge card code and how to recharge mtn card has changed in 2023?

New MTN Data Code

Before most people can buy data from MTN, they must first load a recharge card first for airtime and dial the MTN Data Code which was *131#.

But MTN has changed MTN’s new data code to *312#, I will show you how it works and how to buy data from MTN using the new mtn data code.

Thank me later 😊

I’m DR SIM and will bring all Network updates and issues, cheats and tricks that are working for MTN, 9mobile, Glo and Airtel.

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Here, you are going to see the latest code that MTN has offered to all MTN customers. Read this post to see the new subscription code for MTN.

New USSD Code For All Network (MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile)

New Code To Recharge/Load Airtime

To recharge the airtime on your phone using the new MTN code dial *311*PIN# and then Send/Ok. For example, If the airtime PIN is 234 123 3210, include *311*234 123 3210# and press send or Ok to receive a confirmation message that you have successfully recharged your phone.

MTN New Code To Buy Data

To buy data plan, follow this steps by dialling *321#. You will see a list of menu click “1” to borrow data. Opt-in for Pay-As-You-Go browsing by dialling *312*200# to continue browsing with your airtime at N3.07/MB.

New MTN Code To Borrow Airtime

To borrow airtime/data by using MTN Xtra Time, dial *303# choose from any of the list on the screen.

Then, press send or cancel.

MTN New Code To Check Balance

To check your MTN data balance, you just have to follow the instructions below

Using your phone, dial *131*4#. Once you dial this number, you will receive a message with the data status and expiration date on the screen of your phone.

However, it is now changed to *323#.

You can dial *323# to check the account balance. you will see

  1. Access plan balance.
  2. Business plan balance.
  3. FBB Balance.

Enter “1” and press send, to check data balance, you get a prompt of your data balance.

MTN New Code To Share Airtime

To share your airtime to families and friends, dial *321#. You will see on the screen welcome to Airtime and Data Transfer/Gift service. You will be instructed to select the service to transfer/gift.

  1. Airtime Share
  2. Gift Data
  3. SME Data Share. Then, press Send or Cancel.

New Code To MTN Account Balance

Former MTN USSD Code to check account balance is *556# but it was changed to *310# now.

That is to check account balance, dial *310#. You will see your xtravalue main account : airtime. xtratime balance: SME datashare balances. Expires: date.

Get 750MB +N500talk time for N500.

MTN New Code To Call Centre

To call MTN customer care, dial 300. You can state down your problem to receive answer to your complain.

New Code To Stop VAS

First what is VAS and how to activate it, deactivate it. All you should know;

VAS which stand for Value Added Services

Dial *305#, you will see welcome to MTN Content Services Menu Reply with a number to manage your

  1. Active services
  2. New services
  3. Unconfirmed services

Then, click on send or cancel.

Example of VAS (Value Added Services)

  • Top services
  • Showmax mobile
  • Caller tunes
  • Apple Music
  • Prime Video
  • Gaming
  • Video services
  • Religious services
  • MTN backup
  • Football gist
  • Relationship clinic
  • Igbo proverbs
  • CNN news services
  • MTN for business promotion known as CallerFeel

To link to your NIN & SIM reg status, dial *996#. You will see the list of menu such as:

  1. Submit Virtual NIN (VNIN)
  2. Get Enterprise ID
  3. Generate VNIN
  4. View NIN Status
  5. Update SIM Info
  6. Link Corporate Line

Then, click Send or Cancel.

Here is a video Step by step guide to see how the New USSD code works (we tried it on all networks)

Video: New Code For MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile

This is a video tutorial about new ussd code for all network

NCC HARMONIZED CODE (one ussd code)

New MTN USSD Codes For Subscriptions (Data Bundles)

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40MB₦501 day (24 hrs.).*312*114#
200MB (Always-on data)₦601 day (24 hrs.).*312*160#
100MB₦1001 day (24 hrs.).*312*104#
1GB₦3001 day (24 hrs.).*312*155#
250MB₦2002 days (48 hrs.).Available on the MTN app.
2GB₦5002 days (48 hrs.).*312*154#
2.5GB₦5002 days (48 hrs.).Available on the MTN app.
200MB₦2003 days (72 hrs.)*312*113#
750MB₦5003 days (72 hrs.)*406# (MTN Pulse subscribers only)


450MB (Always-on data)₦1201 wk (7 days)*312*161#
350MB + 350MB for YouTube.₦3001 wk (7 days)*312*102#
750MB + 1GB for YouTube.₦5002 wks (14 days).*312*103#
750MB + 1Hr YouTube daily.₦5001 wk (7 days)*312*750#
1GB + 1GB for YouTube.₦5001 wk (7 days)*312*142#
1.5GB₦7502 wks (14 days)Available on the MTN app.
2GB + 2GB for YouTube.₦1,0001 wk (7 days)*312*105#
6GB₦1,5001 wk (7 days)*312*105#


1.5GB + 2GB for YouTube₦1,0001 month (30 days).*312*106#
2GB + 4GB for YouTube.₦1.2001 month (30 days).*312*130#
3GB + 4GB for YouTube.₦1,5001 month (30 days).*312*131#
4.5GB + 4GB for YouTube.₦2,0001 month (30 days).*312*110#
6GB + 4GB for YouTube.₦2,5001 month (30 days).*312*147#
10GB + 4GB for YouTube.₦3,0001 month (30 days).Available on the MTN app
15GB (Always-on data)₦3,0001 month (30 days).*312*162#
12GB + 4GB for YouTube.₦3,5001 month (30 days).*312*107#
14GB₦4,0001 month (30 days).Available on the MTN app.
20GB + 4GB for YouTube.₦5,0001 month (30 days).*312*116#
25GB₦6,0001 month (30 days).Available on the MTN app.
30GB₦6,0001 month (30 days).Available on the MTN app.
45GB ₦6,0001 month (30 days).*312*163#
40GB₦10,0001 month (30 days).*312*117#
75GB₦15,0001 month (30 days).*312*150#
120GB₦20,0001 month (30 days).*312*149#
200GB₦30,0001 month (30 days).Available on the MTN app.


30GB₦8,0002 months (60 days).*312*119#
35GB₦8,0002 months (60 days).Available on the MTN app.
100GB₦20,0002 months (60 days).*312*118#
160GB₦30,0002 months (60 days).*312*118#
400GB₦50,0003 months (90 days).*312*133#
600GB₦75,0003 months (90 days).*312*134#
800GB₦90,0006 months (180 days).*312*115#


1TB₦100,0001 year (365 days)*312*136#
2.5TB₦250,0001 year (365 days)Available on the MTN app.
4.5TB₦450,0001 year (365 days)*312*137#

How Do I Subscribe To MTN Data Bundles?

This is how you can subscribe to any MTN data bundles. On your phone dial *312*1# and choose the menu that appears on the screen.

Sending the bundle plan keyword to *312# or Text myMTN to 5018 to download the app (myMTN Web MTN TopIt/VTU Zigi Facebook (Mobile Center).


Is MTN Giving Free Data?

Of course, Yes MTN can give you a free 100% data bonus. The MTN network also gives free data on tariff plans every month (Enjoy an MTN FREE GIFT).

How To Access Free Data On MTN?

By upgrading your 3G MTN SIM card to 4G, you will be rewarded with free 10GB of data on your phone.

MTN N350 For 1GB Data Plan Code

With the N350, you get 1GB of MTN data. To subscribe, on your message app sent 155 to 312.

In conclusion

In this post, we have shown you the new mtn data code and how to recharge the card code and how to recharge the MTN card that has changed in 2023. You can use the new subscription code that we have listed below in this post. Don’t forget to like and comment on this post.

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