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DataWay Review For Beginners: How To Get Free Data and Make Money

Want to Create DataWay.ng account and wondering if it is legit or scam, This DataWay Review is NOT A Paid Review.

So, I Would tell you the honest truth about Dataway and why people are rushing to join before it crash.

Why most people join Dataway.ng is to make money as an affiliate and get other incentives reward.

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Let’s talk more about DataWay Program in Details

Do you want to Create Website Like DataWay.ng

Before we proceed, lets get to know About DATAWAY and its CAC Accountability.

Dataway Review

DataWay Review: About DataWay


Dataway is a vending platform that offers virtual products such as mobile data/airtime, internet subscriptions, bill payment, electricity, Cable TV, and more. DataWay also provide earning opportunities to their subscribers with extra cash of 50% referral commission + Free internet data and monthly rewards.

Dataway is owned by Unique Way Enterprise. A registered company under CAC BN – 3175683

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DataWay Locations: Physical Office and Location of Branches Near You

Dataway office locations, branches and outlets, distributors and vendor/resellers.

Lagos State –  Branch Office/Outlet:
1 Ikota Villa, Lekki Phase 2, Lagos (Appointment only)
Contact person: 08168281735

Osun State – Branch Office/Outlet:
Shop A, Ayan Shopping Complex Eleyele junction, Lagere, Ile-Ife
19 Catholic Mission Road, Lagere, Ife Osun State.
Contact person: 08105081414

Delta State – Brach Office/Outlet
75, Jakpa Road, Effurun, Warri Delta State.
Contact person: 09062134430

Shop 1, Nanas Compound, Ogini road, Oghara Delta State.
Contact person: 07068395841

Rivers State – Brach Office/Outlet
15D Diffiri road ozuboko abuloma Port Harcourt
Contact person: 08038292861

Kwara State – Brach Office/Outlet
No 40 Old Yidi Road oja Iya junction Itakure Ilorin Kwara state
Contact person: 07034584253

Katsina State – Brach Office/Outlet
Unguwar madabu Daura katsina state.
Contact person: 08063634721

Ogun State – Brach Office/Outlet
Oriokuta ilogbo otta ogun state
Contact person: 07039560935

DataWay Affiliate Commission

For Now, DataWay Pays Affiliate 1,000 naira and other Data Bonus incentives as they claim. but you must sign up with 2,000 naira

DataWay Review: Before You Join DataWay.ng

Dataway product/services, how it works and the benefit;

Dataway vending platform is built for both resellers and subscribers, while Dataway also offer earning opportunities and affordable services to Nigerians.
Anyone can purchase and resell any of our products, including mobile data/airtime and bill payment. DataWay have also set aside a fixed subscription fee of only ₦2,000 monthly for their subscribers who wish to become DataWay affiliate and participate in our earning opportunities with the below plan.

Become DataWay Affiliate: How To Join

1st Month Subscription 2000MB cost ₦2,000

On your first Month’s subscription, they offer you earning opportunities and valuable data of 2000 megabytes/2GB. At the same time, your referral gets a ₦1,000 referral cash bonus and a 1000 megabyte/1GB data bonus. If you also choose to promote Dataway and refer more subscribers to them, you will also earn a ₦1,000 referral cash bonus and 1GB extra data per referral only on MTN service for now.

2nd Month Subscription 4000MB cost ₦2,000

On your renewal for a second-month subscription, they offer you earning opportunities and valuable data of 4000 megabyte/4GB, while your referral gets a 1000 megabytes/1GB data bonus. If you also refer a subscriber to us who renews his or her subscription, you will also get 1GB extra data only on MTN service for now.

From 3rd Month Subscription 6000MB cost ₦2,000

*From your renewal of a third-month subscription and beyond*, we offer you earning opportunities and valuable data of 6000 megabyte/6GB, which is the actual value for your subscription fee of ₦2,000 monthly. This is more affordable than buying a 6GB data bundle directly from MTN, costing you ₦2500 valid for 30 days.

However, you will get less value of the subscription fee in the first two months because we offer you earning opportunities and paying your referral. While you enjoy our complete offer from the third month and beyond, If you choose to promote Dataway and continue referring subscribers to us, you will continue earning a ₦1,000 referral cash bonus and 1000 megabyte/1GB data bonus on each person you refer.

Summary and benefits of Dataway.ng

  • DataWay Subscription fee monthly ₦2,000
  • Subscribers earns ₦1,000 referral commission + 1GB data bonus when they refer more subscriber to Dataway
  • Subscribers will get an additional 1GB data bonus for inviting each subscriber to participate. 
  • Dataway offers a top referral monthly cash bonus between 10k to 100k
  • Dataway offers more juicy rewards for active monthly subscribers, including cash bonuses, gadgets and home appliances giveaways.
    This is what telecom companies won’t give you even when you have been active subscribing millions with them.

  • Dataway gives access to cheap purchase of data/airtime and reselling, including other bill payment services. And lots more!
  • Dataway 1GB data bundle on MTN is sold at the rate of 300 naira only, and all our data bundles are valid for 30 days. Including cheaper and more affordable data subscriptions on other networks and bill payment services.

How To Create Account On DataWay.ng (Step By Step)

Now you have know like 50% about Dataway.ng from my DataWay Review,

Let me also show you how to Create Account On DataWay.ng Step by step.

Dataway review on account
Create Dataway Account

Fill the form and choose a payment method.

there are two Dataway Payment Method,

Dataway Create Account Requirements

  • Fill Form: Email Address.
  • Fill Form: Phone Number.
  • Fill Form: Full Name.
  • Fill Form: Username.
  • Fill Form: Referral (Optional).
  • Select Payment Method: Epin or Online Payment.
  • Fill Form: Password.

Mark “I agree the Terms and Conditions”

And Click on the Subscribe Button.

Dataway has two payment method, Epin from Referral or Online payment.

Dataway payment

How Much Is DataWay Minimum Affiliate Commission Withdrawal (Reviewed)

You can withdraw your referral commission from ₦1,000 and above

DataWay Review: Afffiliate PayOut Prove

Not Yet Avaliable in your Location.

How To Resell DataWay Data Bonus And Make More Money

Finally, Before I call his end of Discusion.

Let see possible and fast method to Resell Data from DataWay,

You may also want to see How To Sell Data and Airtime Online With Wordpress.

To conclude this Dataway Review, I think Dataway is Legit.

However, No Active Scam Report.

So, To sell your Dataway Bonus.

Can I resell my data bonus and make more money?
Yes, you can resell your data or gift anyone. Just request to any number you wish and it will be credited within few minutes.

But, there is an automated method to do this.

Doing it as a Business, If you a Blogger that has Wordpress Website.

We are going to launch DataWay VTU Wordpress Plugin soon.

Waiting for their API.

Now you have get to know more about DataWay, Do you think it is Legit.

If you have Good or Bad experience with them, you can drop it in the comment section.

Your Dataway Affiliate Link is Accepted 🙂

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