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Npower News – Register yourself free

Npower news is everywhere. many people are fond of talking about it every day. Though, most of them only talk about a few things, leaving the important parts untouched.


But in this post, I will show you everything you need to know about Npower. So, I urge you to get your coffee and read carefully. I assured you that after reading this post, you will be free from visiting cafe for Npower news, registration, and others.

So let’s get into it.


What is Npower all about ?


Npower is an innovative Nigeria program by president Muhammad Buhari on June 8, 2016. This was initiated to empower many Nigerian youths. It was given motto which goes ” empowering Nigeria youths for prosperity”

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Many people have benefited from this program, and people are still benefiting from it. It often comes with different batches, if you miss this batch, you won’t miss another one.


What is qualification for Npower?


Npower was innovated for only unemployed Nigerian youths. However, there are different programs for different qualifications. There are some Npower Programs for graduates and some for Non-Graduates.


There are only a few requirements to be qualified for Npower. Either you are a graduate or non-graduate, you must meet up with these requirements which are listed below;

1. You must be an Unemployed graduate or non-graduate. This program is only for unemployed youths.

2. Must be between 18-35 years old. People who are below 18years old or above 35years are not qualified for Npower.

3. Must Have a relevant educational qualification

4. HND or Bachelor’s Degree or O level result

5. BVN

6. Active email address

7. Active phone number

8. Small size picture


Npower registration portal

Visit npower.fmhds.gov.ng to register for Npower. You don’t need to visit any cafe to enroll in Npower programs.


Note that registration is free. Don’t pay anybody claiming to be an Npower agent.


Npower login portal


Visit Npvn.npower.gov.ng to log in to your Npower account.

The link above is the official website for Npower program. You can use it to log in and check your status or others.


How do I check my Npower status ?


To check your Npower status, you just need to follow these steps

1. Login to Npower official portal www.npower.gov.ng

2. Click on “Check Preselection Status”

3. Enter your email address or BVN in the box provided.

4. You will see a notification on your screen if you have been selected.

5. The last step is to Get ready for Physical Verification on the date announced.


How much is Npower salary

Npower has different programs with different salaries. Below is the full list of the programs and their payment.

Npower Teach = N28,000-N30,000

Npower Health = N30,000-N40,000

Npower Tech (Software) = N20,000-N40,000

Npower Agro = N25 , 000-N30,000

Npower Build = N27,000-N30,000

Npower Community Education Programme = N10,000-N30,000

Npower Tech (Hardware) = N20,000-N40,000

Npower Creative = N10,000-N30,000



Npower is currently on batch c now, and next batch may come soon. Don’t feel bad if you miss this batch, or your name was not listed. There is still a chance for you.


Thanks for reading our article on Npower news – Register yourself free. I believe by now you will be able to register yourself or your families without visiting any cafe. However, if there is something I didn’t include in this post, please drop it in the comment section so I can add it.

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