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[RAGP Registration]: How To Join RechargeAndGetPaid (Step By Step)

If you have been asking how to join or register on the best Recharge And Get Paid Business commonly know as VTU Business, here are quick steps to join highest paying and legit platform.
Code to Recharge and get Paid - VTU App
For you to be able to get paid when you top up, you have to be a register member of any of the VTU Business Platform in Nigeria or outside Nigeria. Click here to see the legit steps to become a register VTU agent, What Is VTU Business All About (How To Start A VTU Business)
You do not need your physical printed recharge card code or pin, all you need is to fund your Ewallet to be able to recharge and get paid or whenever you top up on your telecom network, Pay Bill, Recharge your Gotv, Dstv and Startimes etc. You can read the complete free method on How To Fund your VTU Ewallet Account without charges.
But what if you are already a register member, how can you make more money in this VTU Business?
In our previous post, I wrote a complete how to guide on How To Make More Money In VTU Business Fast – check it out.
One of the fast method I mention was recruiting others to join your team as your downlines, and I further explain how to recruit people to join your VTU Business In Nigeria, I would love you to also check on that one.
Click here to See More Infographics
You would be add to premuim membership group if you include /ref/IncomeBrainNG to the main website.
There are other platform that those the same thing like; Jumia One, RechargeAndGetPaid RAGP etc. But I recommend H2i Topupandearn – salary4life (I am a Register Member).
You can also download the How It Works Guide on PDF format, Click here – Download Pdf.
If you are looking for a mobile app that does it now, Jumia one is the only available for now. I think MTN app also does it.
There are many negative and positive review about this business on many online forums like Nairaland forum but it is good you get to have a try yourself and comfirm, it wouldn’t cost you that much.
Go to the Registration form via the link I shared with before.

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