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Join NNUForum Income Program: How To Create A Free NNUForum Version 2.0 Account And Get Paid For Daily Login

If you have not join NNUForum because of registration fee of ₦1,400 but you want to really join this legit NNU income program, we have good news for you!  🍿🍿🎅
You can now join NNUForum for free using our Coupon Code – Epin and make more money reading news, daily login and commenting on post in NNUForum.

nnu coupon code - epin
Free NNUForum NIP Coupon Code

How To Join NNUForum Using Free Coupon Code – Epin

But Read This Before You Click Join Button.

First Step is to have your registration fee of ₦1,400 not ₦1,600 and click this link


Second Step is to ensure you see my name as your refer like this 👇

NNUForum 2019/2020 coupon code - epin

Next, fill all form correctly and click complete payment and immediately you are redirected to a page to make your payment and then you can use this link to get registered ( http://bit.ly/IncomeForum )and you will pay ₦ 1,400

You earn ₦50 per daily login and ₦10 per post you viewed, NNU income program pays you ₦1,000 for referring others.

₦20 per comment and ₦100 per sharing Viral share.

You can now withdraw your earnings from Verizon 1 to version 2 by joining the NNUforum with just ₦1,400 and link both account together.

Find Out ==> 

👉 What Is The Difference Between NNU.ng and NNUForum

👉 How To Link NNU Version 1 To Version 2

How Do NNUForum Make Money

Affiliate/Referral: you earn 71.5% per each referral. Refer your friends to take part on NNU Forum V2, you earn N1,000 Naira from their premium membership entry fee.

Active Daily Login: You earn N50 when you login to your account daily.

View Forum Topics: You earn N10 on each latest forum topics you read.

Relevant Comment: You earn N20 on each new topics you contributed to..

Posting A Topic: You earn N200 for posting relevant and interesting topic. You earn more between N500 to N1000 when you post more unique and original content on any categories.

Sharing Post on Social Media: They assign post to members dashboard to share on social media. You earn N100 daily on assigned post on your timeline.

If you are interested to create nnuforum account, click here to get a discount this season period to make money.

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