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How To Make More Money With Facebook Ads In Nigeria (2023)

Facebook Ads is like just the most cheapest online marketing platform to advertise what you sell or do to billion users of facebook, if you know how to target the right audience on facebook and use the right ad formats, you will make more money with facebook ads spending less on ads. Now, you might have know how to run facebook ads but if you have not, I would advice you to go take this facebook Marketing Blueprint Course For Free.

If you can take your time to learn every course there, you can start a Facebook Marketing Agency that create and manage Facebook Ads For Brand and Business to reach more audience with less Ad Budget which any business company love. Here is the deal, I am not teaching you how to create Facebook Ads here but after you have gone through with this entire post, you would learn how to make money with Facebook Ads in 2019 or 2020.

Profitable Facebook Ads Skill 2019/2020
Profitable Facebook Ads Skill 2019

2 Method People Make Money With Facebook Ads 

I can teach you almost 99+ methods of making money with facebook ads but for the sake to keep this post short and sweet, I am going to make this Topic to become a series of blog posts that is I would be sharing them on weekly bases and do a monthly round up post that links to all other blog post that I will publish that month.

Do you like it?

But now,  let’s talk about 2 professional methods most people use to make money from their facebook account and become social media influenzer.

In 2019, Social Media Marketing began a big business for those has large numbers of followers and new beginners who were just starting out in the internet online marketing space. Though some were scammers and fraudsters that confused business owners with fake proof and run unlimited sponsored facebook ads and never deliver what they promised.

Many who were experts  made money from it in a legit way and helped business owners close more sales with facebook ads and other online marketing strategies.

To differentiate between scammers and experts in this facebook business, most professional expert went to register their business name with CAC (Co-operate Affairs Commission) and build a strong social profile using either their company name or exact full name like “EBUBE JAMES OKWUOHA” Or  “JAMES SMART DIGITAL”, NEIL PATEL DIGITAL, MAVERICK EXCEL DIGITAL etc.

Some digital agency owners were well trained certified personal or agency while some just came to understand how the business goes and spoiled it by their  unprofessional skill in Digital Marketing business.

You might be a just a novice in what I have been saying, so let me stop there for that. Now,  you are here to know how to make money with facebook ads online.

Let me teach you these two skill that is making most people become right online.

What To Do To Make Money With Facebook Ads (Advert)

#1: Start A Social Media (Digital) Marketing Agency.
#2: Start Affiliate Marketing Business.

You are solely responsible for which you desire to start but this two is the most common and fast way to make money with on facebook ads.

1. Start A Social Media Marketing Agency: Many who are doing this business do not actually focus on social media, they want to be highly paid so they learn all other online marketing techniques and open a Digital Marketing Agency Company with just their smartphone or laptop. A professional digital marketer can earn up to 7 – 9 Figure income a month but that won’t happen in your first month of starting the business.

You can start with a Facebook Page and Group with high followers and subscribers (members) and create a professional social media account across various social platforms.

I am not too popular on social media as I want but with my little followers, I earn some dollars.

As I said before, you can make 6 – 9 figure with this skill does mean you should charge anyone that contact you for the business deal 9 Figure at flat but you can split your fee monthly or weekly contact deal.

There are free and paid online professional courses you can enrol for and master all you need to be a pro.

Here is an Awesome Video from Kevin David on how to start Social Media Marketing as a beginners.

Try To Watch it and see if you would kick-start from here.

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2. Start Affiliate Marketing: I am very positively sure how this business would make you 4 – 9 Figure income to your bank account, I am an approved bluehost affiliate and I made my first Bluehost affiliate earnings from a single post I shared on facebook without advert or Ads which was $65 ≈ ₦23,400. That is 5 Figure at one sign up.

Ebube James Okwuoha Bluehost Affiliate Earnings From Facebook Without Facebook Ads
Ebube James Okwuoha Bluehost Affiliate Earnings From Facebook Without Facebook Ads

I do not like to share screenshots of my earnings since I became a Pro Blogger but just want you to see that I am not doing guess work here but it can really work and has worked for me which means it can also work for anyone in Nigeria.

Let say you are already an affiliate like me and got 10 sign up from Facebook when commission per 1 sign up is $65, you would have to do a simple mathematics like this:

1 (sign up)  = $65
10 (sign up) = $650

Which is equivalent to ₦234,000 and that is 6 Figure income from Facebook, you might run paid ads to get this result quick.

If within a year you got just 100 sign up with your link;

You would have an estimated earnings of

$65 X 100 =$6500

In Nigeria currency, it is ₦2,340,000 that is a 7 figure income business. Affiliate tells you what to pay you per sales or lead, your job is to reach higher figure (more sales).

Are you now curious to start affiliate marketing, I went to youtube and pick the best digital marketer video – Neil Patel.

Watch Video Now.

I think this other post will be helpful to you as well, check out 3 New Hot Online Business To Start In Nigeria, If You Want To Be Rich On The Internet.

Thanks for reading, do you have any question for me?

Leave it at the comment section below and I would definitely reply you, just check notify me to know when I reply to your question(s).

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