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2 Quickiest Ways To Make Money Blogging With Your SmartPhone Online

I would like to show new bloggers who recently created their blog(s) how to make quick money blogging especially in Nigeria, this content would be very helpful for beginners and starters. It is my Fastlane Method 2019 bloggers can use to get rich quick, right now blogging.

Ways to making money blogging online are numerous more than billions and millions of ways but as difficult as Further Mathematics, or any difficult course you know of. But in this post I show you how to make them work faster for you.

These two fast ways is less stressful, if you do not have time to create product or digital stuff to make money. Bloggers blogging on free platform love and uses these as an alternative to make money from their blog.

2 Free & Easy Ways To Make Quick Money Blogging Online

  1. Advertising.
  2. Affiliate Marketing.

There are many other ways but let us look really deep into this two right now. Among 100% monitization method of blogging, these two has about 85% higher rate if not 90%.

Both are free and easy, but difficult to get approved by the programs like Google Adsense for Advertising method for example.

#1: Advertising

This is most #1 monetilization method for most new bloggers from different niche, a process where you are paid to drive high traffic (views) to the advertiser site or for your viewers to take some action with the ads on your site. You can do this in two ways.

Type Of Advertising Business Model

  1. Direct Advertising.
  2. Indirect Advertising.
* Direct Advertising:- is when you (Blogger) meet Advertiser directly (Physically or via Social Media, Call) and negotiate with them to promote their product/service on your blog for a fee. For example, meeting with SMEs, Big Companies, Entreprenuer, Marketers etc.
* Indirect Advertising:- This is a process were you (Publisher/Blogger) sign up to join an advertising program to display adverts on your blog and get paid base on previously agreed payment method. You are given a unquic code to place on your blog to enable adverts to display properly and tracking of performance. There are many advertising program out there to join, here are some few examples of the onces we have proof that they really pay well; Google Adsense, Propeller Ads, Native Ad etc. Some are not easy to get approved from. You can search for others – Ask Google Search.
The simple definition is that you make money per visit, per view, per click on your blog (Make Money Displaying Adverts).

#2: Affiliate Marketing

This is #2 best and most prefered method for those who have issues with advertising method, I mention above. Affiliate Marketing As A Business is very profiting today online, in our previous post ” List Of Profitable Online Business To Start Today“, we made mention of Affiliate marketing as top 3 method to start with and make money.
While in one of our recent post, we define what really is affiliate marketing and how to start affiliate marketing the right way to make money from it.

Read Our Full Comprehensive Post on Affiliate Marketing – Click Here to go to the post.

Inside this post we also list some legitmate affiliate programs to start, now you are here let me tell you a bit of what it is all about.

Affiliate Marketing is defined as a an online marketing strategy to boost sales and encourage middlemen to promote affiliate company product. Afiliate marketer (you) recieve commission for promoting Affiliate Program Product (The Company’s Product).

We also have two type of Affiliate Marketing Program: 

  1. Direct Affiliate Marketing.
  2. Indirect Affiliate Marketing.

Direct Affiliate Marketing: is a contract deal between you and the company that offer the program to pay you for sales you drive for them, you have to join their affiliate program to enable you promote their product and for them to also be able to track and record yor sales and commission. Here you apply or contact the company to become their affiliate and when they approve your application, you can start making instant commission/earning for what you do for them.
Indirect Affiliate Marketing:-  This is quick and have many affiliate to promote and have your earnings recorded on one account but it is limited because the main affiliate program company share from your commission and can close your affiliate account with them at any time. But the advantage is this, Instead of you joining numerous company program and get confuse trying to manage them and finding product in your affiliate arsenal to share with referral, in this kind of affiliate marketing, you have all of them with just searching inside your dashboard. Some example of indirect affiliate marketing program are Clickbank, Commission Junction (CJ). etc.

If you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing as a Business, Read Our Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners.

See link  Here 👉 

Definite Guide: A Step By Step Guide To Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (Starters)

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