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Make Money Blogging: 5 Biggest Mistakes I Made When I First Started Blogging Online (in 2016)

Common mistakes beginners to when starting a profitable blog and how to avoid them

Do you want to know some common mistakes many bloggers made when they were starting and how to overcome them or avoid it completely, these mistakes are not something you should overlook in your blogging career because they affect a huge part of your blogging success journey if you  already own a blog and have encountered some of these mistakes you would love this solution I’m going to share here but if you are new to blogging read this entire post content very well and asked your question at the comment section of this post.

Okay, let’s begin as a beginner without any experience before you are ready likely to make mistakes and improve as you go. so making mistake and learning how to correct them is essential to growth of any individual but sometimes they are mistake you should make and do not know how to correct it and problem you would encounter and do not know the right solution to it. let me ask assume you have not yet created a blog, you don’t know anything about blogging or that you have any experience or whatever before, how would you approach it what will be your first step what will be your second step last step in blogging. the first thing to do is to find your niche that should be your first step if you want to start a profitable blog your niche will help you to find the right platform to use for blogging and help you make the right budget on what is important to spend your money on.

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In this post I’m going to show you how to avoid common mistake bloggers make, it is normal for everyone to make mistake when starting a blog. mistake in creating content, mistake on the features to add to your blog, mistake on the platform, mistake on the niche.

4 Common Repeated Mistakes New Bloggers Do When Starting A Profitable Blog.

  1. Choosing A Niche.
  2. Blog Features & Functionality.
  3. Regular Income Streams.
  4. Traffic Sources.

#1: Choosing A Niche: your niche would be your main focus. so, you do not have to rush to pick it, you can take out some time and use free platform like blogspot.com or wordpress.com to know the right niche to build. start with whatever you want to do online, whatever you want to share online even. if it is not as professional as you see other blogs, do not worry with time you will improve but do not be multiple niche blogger on one blog. If you want to diversify your blogging niche you can create different blog for different niche.

    #2: Blog Feature & Functionality: I could have mentioned this on the first key points I gave before but I want to talk about it as a stand-alone topic, it is not a bad thing to want every feature on your blog but it is wrong to over do it at first start. you want a start a podcast in your blog, you want to have a shop on your blog, you want to sell product on your blog you want to do affiliate marketing on your blog, you want google adsense on your blog you want to create a course in your blog, you want to sell books on your blog and many more all this can be possible but to avoid getting confused you can do them step-by-step, stage by stage to achieve and build a profitable blog. Start by getting a targeted audience and helping themselves their problem and then sell a premium product to them this is the simple method to build a profitable blog.

    #3: Regular Income Stream: this is where most begin and get it from blogging is not a salary job it is it is a platform to create multiple stream of income and also build a reputation online, so as a starter you don’t need to focus on the making money part, all you have to do is to get the right target audience and build a community instead of searching for ways to make money blogging, search for ways to get traffic and build a community. This will help you on the long run to make money, we don’t make money for owning a blog but you make money for the traffic you are able to generate.

    #4: Traffic Sources: traffic is very important to a blog, especially good traffic.  as a blogger, your blog become popular when you receive high traffic monthly or yearly basis. According to prosper kennedy,  on one of his facebook post he said that instead of looking for ways to make money blogging, try to look for a way to build and increase your traffic. I will agree with him because this is the best and ultimate way to build a profitable blog.  learn the mystery of increasing your traffic and avoid spamming links to your blog. One of the other ways to get traffic from other blogs by leave good comments and add your blog link at the website enter box, it automatically link back to your blog. For example leave a comment on this post and enter your blog url in the provided and you would be recieving traffic from incomebrain.com.ng to your blog.
    Do not spam the comment with spammy link else I would not approve it 🙆
    Leave good comment and I would approve it, sharp sharp.


    You can achieve all you want to and desire online in blogging will only take time and due process with the attitude.
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