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How To Upload Profile Picture To Your NNUForum Account (Step By Step)

How To Upload Profile Picture To NNUForum Account
How To Upload or Change Profile Picture On NNUForum

How To Successfully Upload (Add)  A Profile Picture To Your NNUForum Account – Easy Method

By default, your NNUforum profile picture is blank and a specific size of picture or image is required to be uploaded,  this process is part of your account identity creation on NNUForum account.

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Another problem some members are facing is How To Link their Facebook Profile link to their  NNUForum Account and save

Now let’s see how to upload a new profile Pics NNUForum account would accept, go take fine picture now or use existing one (if you like) .

As usual,  go to your dashboard on NNUforum and click on Edit Profile.

Click on your Default avatar (image) and select from your gallery and upload.

Next, Save and you can view your profile picture or change it using the same step.

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