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Start Teaching Online And Make Money: How Can I Start Teaching Online (Today)

Are you a Teacher or someone that want to make more money sharing his/her knowledge?


The Salary of a full time teacher, lecturer on their day job is either too small or not enough for them to feed themselves and family. plus, the limitation and restriction of what to do and what not to do as a teacher is overwhelming for you. The only way to come out from this  career prison is to start your own teaching business that way you are not going far from your career as a teacher.
But, this is the problem: You can quit your day job just like that, to get a new job is very difficult nowadays. Teaching online is a proven way to create a passive income without getting scammed of your money to a pyramid scheme or a get rich quick scheme and also, an alternative way to make residual income today.

How Can I Start Teaching Online?

You don’t need to be a programmer or a web designer before you can start teaching online today, their are platforms already built (set up) to help you create an have a wonderful teaching experience.

The first thing you need is a good teaching skill and also the right course to teach online, there are many untapped opportunities and advantages of teaching online.

Benefits Of Teaching Online According To Income Brain Blog:

  • Building A Community Online.
  • Creating Passive Income.
  • Expanding Your Knowledge Teaching.
  • Teaching More Students (in and outside your country).
  • Becoming More Popular & Famous.
  • Building A Brand.
  • Starting A Teaching Business.
  • Having Your Own Freedom.
  • You Are In Control.
  • Learning Digital (Online) Marketing.
  • Building A Team.
  • Becoming A Strategist.
  • Making Instant Money.
  • Networking (Meeting) with others in your field (locally or internationally.

How Do You Want To Teach Online?

Like I said, there are different platforms for teaching online. Let me mention the three major ways of teaching online:
1. Social Media Platforms.
2. Online School Platforms.
3. Self Hosted Platforms.
These are the three (3) popular and powerful platforms.
1. Social Media Platforms: Using social media is a kind of cost free platform for teaching online but with limited features and accessibility, you can teach online using social media that are popular these days like Facebook Group, Whatsapp Group, Telegram Group etc. You can start with that and you would have zero expenses to make apart from advertising on their platforms to drive in new students or members.

2. Online School Platforms: There are some popular online school that help you with every teaching online features and learning management system for you and your students like Udemy, Udacity, Teachable, Thinkific. You can search on google for more not listed here. But, these online school platforms would share from your revenue as students pay for your course through their payment gateway and are limited to payment options to use the one you like but most of them majorly deal with paypal payment gateway which may be difficult to use with a personal account. The importance of online school like udemy help you promote your course. You would also pay monthly instructor fee in most online school.

3. Self – Hosted Platforms: Self hosted platform  is a platform you create by yourself or with a website with the help of a programmer or web designer. It is created for teaching purpose. You have all the features you want and you have all the course fee, you pay for hosting, domain name, Premium Learning Management system plug-in, email marketing system and aother add on to have a high and great teaching experience with your students and course. You are the one to pay for promotion and advert for your online school or course. Responsible for regular update, if you market your course very well and is what people, they would enroll for it. You can decide the payment gate way that work better in your country like manual payment and other online payment gate way you want. Self Hosted Platform would help you create passive income when on a good auto pilot system and email marketing system. Some self hosted platforms are: website created from scratch by a web designer, wordpress self hosted site with LMS plug-in, Clickfunnel. Here you have no limit of how much you can make, you can build a million dollar business like yaro starak and other online entrepreneur teaching online.

What Is Teaching Online And It Importance?

The importance of online for teacher who would love to start teaching online are numerous and the benefits are great you can start with the cost free platform or premium platforms like online school and self hosted.
Self hosted can be done in two ways, either you hire a programmer to create the teaching platform for you or you make use of wordpress self hosted – a drag and drop platform that can do this for you with a good learning management system called Learning Management System (LMS) known as plugin and with other add ons plugins to support/enhance the functionality of the lms plugin. You can do this on your own by browsing how to do it. Or avoid the stress and contact us – Income Brain Team to do it for you at one click installation.

Why Is Teaching Online Very Lucrative Today?

Back to where we started from, in your day job, your employer choose your working hours and breaks, tell you how much s/he can pay you, what to wear to work and what not to wear to teach. Money is deducted from your salary for tax and lateness each time you come late. No Freedom, you are just a teaching slave (machine). If you fail to appear in class, you can be fired at anytime by your boss.

But for Teaching Online, you are the boss and you are in control of how much you can make, when to work and how to work. You can decide to teach at the comfort of your home or find an office to rent. There is no limit teaching online.
You can not be scammed.
* Disclosure:
I won’t advice you to start jumping and tell your boss that he is a fool for employing you.
You can do this gradually and build a successful school online.
You can create passive income from it within a short period of time selling your courses, books, digital download, videos and handouts to your online and offline students.
Online Teaching Business is Lucrative.


 It is interesting to go on and on but I have to find somewhere to hit the full stop button for now but would continue to explain and show you how to do this blog on our feature post, just stay connected to us on our various social platforms. If you want to start right away, contact me to show you how to start. I do this in a training program called Cash Knowledge Pro – a one -on- one training with me to help you start making geniue cash with your knowledge online or offline. We also have Cash Knowledge Course – for those that want to do it themselves.

You can still get some of it free version on this blog but not as the premium training, follow us on our social media platforms if you have not follow us or join our channel, group, forum, community just to stay up-to- date.

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