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How To Add Fund To RechargeAndGetPaid-RAGP E-Wallet (Step By Step Automatically)

How To Use Your Phone Number To Add (Put)  Fund In Your VTU Business E-Wallet Account On RechargeAndGetPaid – RAGP

RAGP Automatic E-Wallet Funding New Method: How To Automatically Fund Your RAGP Account

How To Fund RAGP E-wallet is now made extremely simple with this new method of Automatic E-wallet funding on VTU Business Website

New Automatic E-wallet Funding Process and guiding instructions(New Method)

To fund your e-wallet automatically, you must use your registered profile phone number on RAGP website as the name of depositor for a cash deposit.

Your payment description comment or depositor name can contain Phone number(first) + Username(second) ( 0803000000 beycky12)

You can make transfer or deposit to the bank to fund your e-wallet account. Available banks for now are: Zenith and Diamond banks, others are coming soon.

Transfer from Zenith to Zenith or Diamond to Diamond is guaranteed to work best.

Transfer from other banks to our Zenith or Diamond may not be guaranteed to work for some banks e.g GTB.

For mobile app transfer, put your registered profile phone number on RAGP website on the Comment box, narration box or description box to have your wallet funded instantly.

Automatic e-wallet funding
Multiple accounts with same profile phone number will not be funded instantly.

Important Notice:

N70 charges applies to any amount of payment for automatic funding

You cannot transfer the same amount twice in a day. For example, you transfer N500 in the morning, you can only transfer Below 500 or above N500 again for that day

 New Update From RechargeAndGetPaid.info (RAGP News portal)
All the Free-User accounts pending on the system till December 2018 will be deleted.

Manual funding by RAGP admin will still be available for now, funding time is now within 72hrs. Send the usual payment detail to RAGP email for funding.

Don’t expect automatic funding here, you can only complain after the funding time expiration.

Only One phone number per an account is allowed, same phone number in multiple account is not accepted.

You are responsible for any loss that may arise due to personal error or negiligence that may arise due to loss of money. Cross check your phone number properly

Week-end transaction: If you are making payment over the weekends, please transfer different amount for each day, or at every time you need to fund your wallet.

You can transfer to same account for multiple time in day, but each amount should be different, if not, the system will see it as duplicate transaction if the amount is same.

Account funding may be delayed due to none payment notification to our account.

If you see Red line indicator, it means you have your details in multiple places, therefore, your funding will be pending until the issues are resolved.

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New Instruction On How To Fund Your RAGP EWallet With This New Method:

New Instructions:
You can fund your wallet anytime and any day  of the week as you desire. No restrictions on number of time you can fund your wallet. Note: N70 charge applies to every deposit made into any of our company accounts
2. You cannot transfer the same amount repeatedly within 48hrs.

i.e You cannot deposit N5000 in the morning, then afternoon you pay another N5000 again. The system will block the second payment.

i.e You cannot deposit N1000 today, then make another N1000 deposit tomorrow, the system will blocked the second payment .

What you can do
Every payment should be unique.

If you make a deposit of  N1000 in the, morning,  if you wish to make any deposit again during the day, Please, you are only expected to deposit N999(Something below N1000) or N1005 or N1001 or N1011(something above N1000).

Keep the 48hrs rule

If you make a deposit of N10000 today, you cannot deposit same amount until after 48hrs in order to avoid been blocked on the second payment.

You can avoid delay

If you violate these instructions, you will need to present bank statement before you will be funded.


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