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Quick Method To Start A VTU Business In Nigeria With Your SmartPhone As A Beginner [Updated]

VTU Business in Nigeria is becoming more Popular method to Recharge and Top Up In Nigeria Today because of the benefits and lifetime commission attach to it and easy to use anytime, anywhere. In this post we would Show you how you can tap, start and grow a successful Recharge Card Printing and Selling Business from the comfort of your home with your SmartPhone or a good browsing phone and with a start up capital of ₦1,000 – ₦5,000 and make ₦1,000,000 monthly from it (Consistently) as a student, a agent, vendor or as a user yourself. You can also read our complete guide on How To Make More Money Fast With VTU Business In Nigeria on any vtu business companies avaliable in Nigeria today.

Before we begin, Let me tell you what to expect or know after reading this. You get to know;

👉 The Opportunity– You are about to tap into.

👉 My Recharge Card Business Story – How I Started.

👉 How To Start Your VTU Business In Nigeria – How to start your own Recharge and get paid business on Glo, 9mobile, Airtel, MTN.

How To Start A Profitable VTU Business In Nigeria With Your Smartphone
Best VTU Business In Nigeria 2019

What People Also Ask About The VTU Business before Starting It

Here are popular questions people ask and answer that works:

If You Are Ready, Let’s Begin. 🎬


Note: The Rest of this article would show you all you need to know about the business and benefits/bonuses but it would be a waste if you do not take advantage of it. By Taking Action Right Now 👈

What Is The VTU Business All About?

VTU means Virtual Top Up (E-Top)
VTU Business is one of the fastest growing business in the world today and still under development in Nigeria as at when this article was been written, but this content here help you understand how the business works fast.
VTU or E-Top is know as the process of recharging (top up) Airtime, Data and Other Subscription Online through a funded E-Wallet Account.

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How To Start A VTU Business As An Individual (Step By Step)

You can start as an individual, you do not need a legal business name or company to start. As small as ₦1,000 you can kick start this business with your Smartphone and a Whatsapp Group.

Now, What will you need to start and how to start is all you will see as you scroll dow this page.

What Will You Need To Start A VTU Business

  1. A Good Browsing SmartPhone.
  2. Initial Investment Capital (like: ₦1,000 – and Above) to fund your Wallet.
  3. A Sponsor: Use this link to make us your sponsor. Link: www.topupandearn.com/ref/IncomebrainNG
  4. Membership/License Fee (like: ₦2,000) a one time sign up fee.
  5. A Team (Online/Offline) – Whatsapp group would be better, we would teach you how to build your own.
  6. Determination.
  7. Dedication.
  8. High Topups Usage (Sell more).
  9. Refer Others to join to make more money when they sign up. (Referral Sign Up Commission ₦500 X number of your referral)
This business model is not difficult to start

Benefits, Commission For Registered Members Of TopupandEarn – Salary4Life.

Top-up Commission

  • On top-up commission: You will earn 0.5% of any top-up on your 1st generation, 0.3% of any top-up on you 2nd generation and 0.2% of any top-up on you 3rd generation. Check the illustration below:
  • NOTE:
  • -You will earn 0.5% on each top-up from your direct referrals(This is your 1st generation).
  • -You will earn 0.3% on each top-up the direct referrals of your 1st generation(This is your 2nd Generation).
  • -You will earn 0.2% on each top-up from the direct referrals of you 2nd generation (This is your 3rd generation).

  • VTU Referral Bonus
  • (When you Refer Others to Join the Business)
    • On referral commission: You will earn N500 from your 1st generation, N300 from you 2nd generation and N200 from you 3rd generation. Check the illustration below:
    • NOTE:
    • -You will earn N500 from all your direct referrals(This is your 1st generation).
    • -You will earn N300 from each direct referrals of your 1st generation(This is your 2nd generation).
    • -You will earn N200 from each direct referrals of your 2nd generation(This is your 3rd generation).
    • Point Reward For Your Activities


This platform is not a network or matrix system, it is a convenient pay back system, comprising of Referral Reward, Sponsor’s Reward and Commulative Reward


  • – You get ₦156,000 ($434) + ₦25,000 ($70)
  • – Your sponsor will get ₦15,000 ($42)
  • – Cumulative Reward ₦6000 ($17)


  • – You get ₦312,500 ($868) + ₦50,000 ($139)
  • – Your sponsor get ₦25,000 ($70)
  • – Cumulative Reward ₦12,500 ($35)


  • – You get ₦625,000 ($1,736) + ₦100,000 ($278)
  • – Your sponsor get ₦50,000 ($139)
  • – Cumulative Reward ₦25,000 ($70)


  • – You get ₦1,250,000 ($3,472) + ₦250,000 ($695)
  • – Your sponsor get ₦100,000 ($556)
  • – Cumulative Reward ₦50,000 ($139)


  • – You get ₦2,500,000 ($6,944) + ₦500,000 ($1,389)
  • – Your sponsor get ₦200,000 ($556)
  • – Cumulative Reward ₦100,000 ($278)


  • – You get ₦5,000,000 ($13,889) + ₦1,000,000 ($2,778)
  • – Your sponsor get ₦500,000 ($1,389)
  • – Cumulative Reward ₦300,000 ($833)


  • – You get ₦25,000,000 ($69,444) + ₦6,000,000 ($16,667)
  • – Your sponsor get ₦1,000,000 ($2,778)
  • – Cumulative Reward ₦500,000 ($1,389)

How To Create A VTU Business Account (as an Individual) In 2019

In this tutorial, you would see How To Start, Create A VTU Business Account with easy Step by Step.

(when you click this link 👉 https://www.topupandearn.com/ref/IncomebrainNG or https://www.salary4life.biz/ref/IncomebrainNG you would land on a page like this 👇)

Let Continue,

Now the surprising question that would run out of your mouth is “Why Am I On This Page”.

You could be been taken to a page where they would tell you miracle story of how you would suddenly become rich do nothing but no, infact you need to create a membership account before you can start this business, you need a referral link to join the system which I have already add if you follow the link about that ends with /ref/IncomebrainNG and a one time sign up fee of $6.

* Note: You Must see your sponsor details before you fill the form otherwise the more is a waste and it wouldn’t be refunded.

My Detail must appear in this two box tittle:

1. Referral Username (the person that refer you).
What you should see: IncomebrainNG

2. Referral Full Name
What you should see: EBUBE JAMES OKWUOHA

And then, you can safely fill your own details and click “REGISTER ME” button to complete your registration.

Next, you would be taken to a checkout page on Paystack to complete payment (if you choose Debit/Credit Card as a payment ment) or if you choose System E-wallet (if you have a sponsor) you would need to pay the sum of ₦2000 for me to help you processes your payment and send you, your login details.

Bank Account Details:

Bank Name: FirstBank Of Nigeria Plc


Account Number: 3123316887

Amount: ₦2,000

You can support us by adding a training Package fee of ₦1,000 to be added to a premium group were we teach you all you need to succed in this VTU Business and get all our training resources for Free.
So, if you want that you can pay.

Amount + Training Package: ₦3,000

If you want to fund your Ewallet and start business immediately you can add the amount you want to fund your wallet with like ₦7,000 and above.
Which may give you the total sum of:

Total Sum: ₦10,000

This would enable you start trading with the ₦7,000 in your E-Wallet account and make good points and commission.

You may not actually need a Laptop, the business can be done using your smartphone.

If you are ready to start, I wouldn’t taking you by hand to help you create a successful functioning VTU Business Account.

All the details you will need are just some of your few personal detail your already know off-hand.

No National ID Card is Need.
No Voter’s Card is Required.

Personal Information needed are:


1. First Name        – 

2. Last Name        – 

3. Phone No.        –  

4. Email Address – 

5. Gender             – 

6. Country           – 

7. Username         – 

8. Password         – 

*Supply the following details for your registration*


If you want me to register you, after payment to my account with the bank detail I provided above, you can send me this your personal details and I would register you and send you back your login details like your username and password, and also a link to my Members Only Group: EasyPay Team.

No To Forget:

Amount: ₦2,000

Bank Details (For Deposit Or Transfer)

[you can choose any of these account to send it to]

FirstBank Of Nigeria Plc

Account Name: Ebube James Okwuoha

Account Number: 3123316887

Zenith Bank Plc

Account Name: Ebube James Okwuoha

Account Number: 2120759303

After Payment You Can Call me via:

9mobile Line: 08181381174

If you want to know more about the business, you can join my public whatsapp group.

(for us to reduce spammers and scammers from the group, we made the group access to be partially paid group).
That is you have to pay a deposit of ₦1,000 to access the group, if you finally decide not to join, we would refund it back to you.
But if you love the business and want to join, you would just contact me the group admin and pay the complete amout.

Ask your question about the business in the comment section, let me answer.
Do not share your personnal details like username and password at the comment section.


Download This Guide To Get Started.

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