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How To Resell VTU Business E-Wallet Fund (Online)

If you want to make some cool money from your VTU e-wallet fund by selling it to others that are just starting out in this VTU Business, you can decide to resell it or transfer it to them with this simple steps.

To sell your VTU E- Wallet Fund, just need to do transfer to the other user, here in this post, I would show you how to sell topupandearn vtu fund to others.

Do you have referrals under you and they want VTU E-Wallet fund on their TopupandEarn account?

And you are confused on how to show them How To Buy VTU E-wallet Fund, here is what you should do to help them fund their VTU wallet successfully.

Recently, I publish a post on How To Fund Your Ewallet Yourself Succesfully and that post was a rocking post on search engine like google as the best guide for VTU Ewallet Funding methods. But, today I would show you how to transfer your fund from one user ewallet balance to another user.

If you are ready, let’s begin!

Someone ask on a private facebook group of TopupandEarn,

How Can I Sell My VTU E-wallet Fund To Others?

Our admin and moderator gave a sweet and awesome answers to the question.

But as a Blogger on this platform, I believe that was not the only person border by that question or want to know how to sell VTU Business Fund. So, I decide to create an ever green content to show to the millions of you who which to know How.

Am I Communicating? 🙋

Without wasting much time, you might have read my previous post on the VTU Business Funding Series and fully understand the three (3) approved method to fund your Ewallet yourself. If No, Click here to go read the post».

How To Sell VTU Business Fund Successfully

You can start this as another means to earn in this business!

Note: You can use what I am about to tell you for profit or non -profit duty, it strictly base on you and your buyer (transferee).

Normally, if you want to fund your ewallet using online payment gateway. You would be charge extra online payment fee and also charge by your bank for using online payment or debit/ credit card to make purchase. So. this is not illegal to the platform if you have more than enough fund and want to sell or transfer to other user.

Who Is This Post For:

+ Registered Members who have earn high from the referral program; let say you have made so much money from referring others to the platform and have transfer your referral commission to your Ewallet balance.

+ Registered Member who has enough fund in their Ewallet as from commission they have earned from the platform.
+ Team Leaders.

Ways To Sell E-wallet Fund.

Here  I would’t tell you how to fund your ewallet but how to sell ewallet through transfer.

Normally, what do you understand by the word SELLING?
Selling is an exchange of commodity between two or more individuals, it can either be for more or other item.
Why did I draw the definition of Selling here, to make you understand that selling is not just an activity that means you giving out for money purpose only.
To sell your VTU Business fund, you have to make sure that your Ewallet is well funded.
I know you would to ask:
How much should I sell my VTU Business Fund For?
How much should I have as balance before I can Sell fund?
Look, provided your ewallet has some fund on it, you can transfer or sell it to zero.
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When I explained how to fund your ewallet, I explained how to transfer ewallet fund in that post, go check out..
You can only sell VTU Business Fund by using the Transfer Fund Form on the platform which is totally free.
For example; 
You want to sell/ transfer ₦5,000 fund to someone, you can charge the buyer ₦5,500 cash and ₦500 can be your gain. This amoount is not typical, you can charge below or higher for it or transfer it for free But the sake we are talking about the Act Of Selling, you have to charge something for it or request for something benefiting from it.

How To Use The Transfer Form To Sell VTU Business Fund:

(from my research, same method can be use across all other VTU Business Company but here I am focusing on TopupandEarn Platform Portal).
Step 1: Fill The Form Correctly and Completely
(I believe you are logged in) your buyer have to be a register member.
What is required on the transfer form, Transferee Username (buyer username), Amount and a good internet connection. Also double check the username, amount, the transfer portal automatically display the full name of the person.
Step 2: Click on “Transfer” button.
After you might have collected the physical cash from the person, double check your transfer form and click the transfer button to continue.

Congratutions! 👏

You have successfully transfer/ send Ewallet fund to your buyer.

They can check their VTU Business Ewallet balance.

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