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Can I Make Money With A Facebook Group Online

When I first created my facebook frame and invited people to use it in the profile picture, someone asked me if I would be making money from facebook if they are using it. Early this year someone from Spain asked me “How can I make money with my Facebook Group?”.

All this questions I have been ask countless time and today I want to share with you “How To Really Make Money With Facebook Page, Group or Online Ads”. This is a legit method not like your facebook account would be blocked if you do this online business the right way.

 Can I Make Money With Facebook Ads

Yes, if you have a facebook group above 100k members and it is very active, you can make money from it through;

#1: Advertising.
#2: Sell Products & Services.
#3: Sell it.

It does not necessarily means you can’t make money with a facebook group of less than < 100,000 members but this number can attract advertisers faster as they see your group .

How Can I Know If My Facebook Group, Page can make me money?..

The first step is to have an active group, try to post what would make the 80% of your group members  get engaged each time you post. That would give advertisers the impression that your ad space is profitable for them.

Now you know that if you have a large number of members and an active group members that you can make money from facebook or with facebook,  let me show you how is that works.

The first step is to create a stunning facebook page and group.

Why do you need a facebook page, you would use your facebook page to manage your facebook group – use your facebook group to grow your page.

That is one  Facebook Marketing secret nobody will tell you.!

In case you don’t know how to create a facebook group or page yourself,  let me  teach you here.

How To Create A Facebook Page (On Mobile)

[You must have a facebook account – visit facebook.com to create an account or download the mobile app]

*  Click on Menu =
* Click Pages.
* Click “Create Page“.
* Add your Page Name.
* Add  Category, Sub-par Category.
* Include a professional page description.
* Add page cover picture art.
* Add Page Profile Image.

And page username, you all all set

(you would use your page to manage your facebook group after creating the group and make your page as Admin.

How Create A Facebook Group (On Mobile)

It is not that difficult to create but not easy to grow your group to an high level of Membership.
* Click On Menu =
* Click Groups.
* Click Create Group.
* Give your Group A Name.
* Add Members.
* Add Group Pics Art Cover.
* Add  Group Description.
* Set Rules and Regulations.
* Change some Group settings to fit your needs. 
* Create your first post in Group
To get more group members, use your facebook page to run ads to promote your group. 

If you have gotten more members and page likes, here is the next thing to do. 

Keep the group active for up to six months or one year and open t
he door for the following facebook monetization method

Make Money With Facebook Ads Group and Page - IncomeBrain Network

2 Real Methods To Make Money On Facebook Without Scamming Anyone

You can make money from facebook using two major system which is direct system and indirect system, do not be confused here let me explain everything to you. 

#1: Direct System:

You can do it with any social media accounts that has high followers but here is the real deal, like I said earlier on in this post the method of making money with your facebook account are all direct system. Like; Advertising, Sell Products and Services, Sell your Facebook group or page to potential buyers. This system simply means you are using your influence to make money online not scam. 

🛑 Your Facebook Account or Page Can Be Hacked by Black Hat Hackers, Blocked by Facebook Team, Banned By Facebook Community Policies.

But,  play legit 😏

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#2: Indirect System:

Indirect system is when you make money from the product and services you have and use the group to sell it example is like what Digital Entrepreneurs do,  Expert Bloggers,  Others. But just know that is when you make money when people buy directly from you. 

Here is a free tips I can share here and for free but if you want someone to help you set thing up,  I am here to help Not For Free.

It would only cost you one Okpa and Pap + Cold drink. 😂

See you on my next post. 

I would like to here from you,  leave a comment here. 

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