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How To Start Making Money After Your SSCE Examination In Nigeria

After graduating from secondary, you may love to further but money and lack finance can be a problem to you and you may stop at SSCE level to look ways to raise money to complete your study or find your destiny. Here, you would find fastest and quick ways to start making money and complete your education or start your own business.

How to make money as a secondary school student in Nigeria

Many parent do not support their young teenage children to start making money as a student because they feel that it would distract them from their studies and in time of difficult condition, everything become worse and leads to drop out of the child due to lack of finance or money to further. It is better to let them have the experience as a beginner well everything is still going well and if probably situation got worst, they might have master the art of Entrepreneurship fast.

Here are some reasons Teenage Entrepreneurship is Good.

  1. It Makes the teenager to become Smart (Physically and Intellectually).
  2. It teaches them Money Management Pratice (Savings).
  3. It helps them build a self confidence and independent mindset (Decision Making).
  4. It will help them stand difficult situations in life.
  5. It help them build wealth fast at young age.
Teenage Entrepreneurship should not be seen as Child Abuse or any negative term on the child if done the right way. 
In africa today, most especially in Nigeria. Teenage Entrepreneurship is not given the right space to rapidly grow as other developed countries we know of and most parents, guidance are now using their children or teenage once as slave and denied them of their as teenager. That is; During school hours, some parents still force their children to go hawk in street and marketplaces instead of learning at school.
Right to quality education is what every child, teenager and young adult should enjoy and also giving the opportunity to see the outside world of life like going into entrepreneurship as at when due at least from 14 years old. School should also encourage Teenage Entrepreneurship by giving pratical training to teenager and with the right information about it. It should not be seen as illegal lifestyle or improper up bring.
Make Money or Make Money Online is the simplest and free way for teenager to get into entrepreneurship, provided it is legit and legal according to the law of the country.The problem of store rent and warehouse rent is avoided and some online business need little or no capital to start for example; Blogging, Freelance, Web Design, Photograpy, Information Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and the others are free to start and easy to learn.

There are many small scale business to start locally and build over time, allowing them to go into production and manufacturing business, for example; Soap Making, Snacks, Shoe Making, Fashion Designer, Fabrication works and much more.
However, it does not mean that every one would and should become their own entrepreneur, some can decide to find a good paying part-time job to start. Here are some ways to make quick money as a student with been distracted from your studies.

Ways of making money as a student in Nigeria Without Been Distracted From Your Studies

#1: Start A Small Scale Business

Like I have mentioned above in this post, there are many small scale businesses to start that is good for student in nigeria and are legit, profitable and legal to start anywhere. Find products that has high in your locality and start selling, buy low price and sell with profit in mind. Focus is the key always, to avoid confusion and distraction, focus on a sub niche problem and be known for it as the problem solver.
#2: Render Services

Your knowledge/experience put to work is your service, render a service online or offline to make free extra money form your experience/knownledge. If you do not have any experience and you want to have one, go learn a valid and profitable skill.
#3: Find A Good Paying Jobs

Yes, I said that. I have right from time hate working under others to pay me after 30 days as my salary but I have come to discover that Working for other is less stressful and paying than working on your own. If the job is well paying and good fit for you, working on your own you might decided to manage everything yourself and pay more expenditures than working for others. And to make your salary be enough for you, you have to ensure that the working place is close to your residence to avoid spending your more on transportation fee, cut down your expenses and spending habbit.
#4: Start Affiliate Marketing

I am a big fans of this online business, it is zero capital start up for some affiliate programs that is legit. If you want to read more on the article I wrote ” How To Start Affiliate Marketingclick here »
but it takes time to start making million from it and it pays instantly after a sales is recorded via your affiliate link online.
#5: Start Teaching Online Business

Teaching is a very stressful thing especially when you are just doing it for the money and not your real passion because of it payout offline (physically), but let expose some few untapped making money secrets in teaching.
Would you permit me? 🤑
If yes, here is the secret 👇
Do you know you can make millions of dollars teaching without stressing out yourself all the time?
Yes, Very True!
#6: Start An E-commerce Business

On our previous blog post we wrote on the 3 new online business to start, we listed Ecommerce business as #3 and we added video from experts to show you how it works and how to start.
#7: Start A YouTube Channel

With the way thing are going, youtube is becoming a great source of exposure and profitable business for some now. You can start creating helpful video tutorial or comedy video and get youtube partner program pay you for videos you are able to generate or sell your product on your video.
You can also accept advert placement inside your video or do brand endorsement.

#8: Start A Business Blog

#9: Do Freelance Jobs

#10: Start A VTU Business see how here »

11: Join Legit Network Marketing Program

#12: Own An Asset

This is the most free and fastest way to become wealthy, you own something people pay you for to always use. It would become very lucrative when it is an high demand product, for example; Land, House for rent, Buses, truck, wheelbarrow and many more you can afford to get right now and start trading with.

Bonus Tip:  Start Information Marketing Business

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