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Jamb registration 2023 – how to register for jamb successfully

Jamb registration is not hard as many people think. It often takes a few steps to enroll for jamb successfully. However, there are certain things you will need to know for easy jamb registration 2022.

Once you know them, you won’t have a problem registering for jamb. And those things are what I am going to discuss in this jamb registration 2022 article. Just relax and read while I show you how to register jamb easily and faster in 2022.

After reading this article, you will understand everything you need to know before and while registering for jamb.

How to register jamb 2022

To register jamb in 2022, you will need to follow 8 simple steps which are listed below;

1. Create an email account – you must have an email to enroll for jamb in 2022 preferably a Gmail account.

2. Get a national ID card – it is compulsory to have a personal national ID card to register for jamb. You can visit any NIN enrollment center to get yours if you have not gotten it already.

3. Have an active phone number – an active phone number is very important for jamb registration because it will be always required to check your data.

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4. Create a jamb profile – this is the first step to begin your online jamb registration. If you don’t know how to create a jamb profile, scroll it down to where I explain how to create a jamb profile.

5. Get a jamb e-Pin – you can buy jamb e-Pin online or at any bank. It is easy to do.

6. Print your O level result – your O level result will be required when registering.

7. Store your biodata – it is very good to write down your biodata so you won’t forget it.

8. Visit any jamb registration center – visit any jamb registration center in your state with your biodata and your profile code. JAMB registration 2022 amount Jamb is registration cost is always less than 5,000 Naira. 2022 jamb registration amount is four thousand seven hundred Naira (N4,700). It’s recommended to budget N5,000 for everything.

When is JAMB registration ending ?

Joint Admission and matriculation board (jamb) 2022 registration begins on 19 February 2022 and it will end on March 26, 2022. Jamb registration 2022 will take less than two months. It’s good to register as early as possible.

How to create jamb profile

You have to follow six (6) simple steps to create a successful jamb profile.

1. Visit the joint admission and matriculation board (jamb) official website.

2. Click on the E-facility link at the green navbar.

3. Click on Create e-Facility Account/Login button at the top right.

4. Then, Click on Create an Account.

5. On clicking create account button, a form will pop up asking you to fill in your details.

6. The form always includes your email address, mobile number, a secret question and answer.

Requirements for 2022 jamb registration

There are only 7 requirements to register jamb successfully in 2022 which are listed below;

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1. Active phone number

2. Correct email address

3. National ID card

4. O level result

5. Jamb profile

6. Jamb e-Pin

7. Biodata


The simplest and the earliest way to register for jamb in 2022 is by following those simple steps explained above. Also, thanks for reading our article on jamb registration 2022. We hope you found this article useful. If you do, please share with your friends on social media and drop a positive comment.

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