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Top 10 marketable skills you can learn in three months

Almost every internet marketers make this one mistake. They often start with the wrong skill. Many people realize the mistake within some months while it takes some people years before they realize the mistake.


I made that mistake too, but I don’t want you to make that same mistake. That’s why I come up with the top 10 marketable skills you can learn in three months.


Those skills I am going to show you are very marketable and profitable. Though some of them may be competitive, there is always a chance of success.


1.     Content writing


You might have heard people saying content is the king, or you may have not. But the truth is content is the king.


There are many websites or companies with good products, they lack good content writers. There is no doubt is even quality products, you will still need a good content writer to convert more sales.


Many new companies and even the old ones are looking for content writers. And this content writing thing is something you can learn in a month or less than three months.


However, content writing is not about working writing for people only. There are many ways you can market your content writing skill and make a living with them.


2.     Selling


A friend of mine who has been into marketing said “if you want to solve your money issue, learn how to sell”


Selling is one of the most profitable skills in the world. One of the reasons why most people complain of not getting many sales is because they lack selling skills.


You can learn how to sell and render your service to those who are in need or use the skill to sell your products or brand.


This skill is end online only. You can render your service to both online and offline clients.

3.     Crypto trading


Crypto trading has been many peoples’ source of wealth. The news of people making a lot of cash trading cryptocurrency has come to be daily feed.


Yet, some people get into it and lose and you know why? It is because they lack its skill. One of the costly mistakes people do make is getting into a business they had knowledge of.


If you want to be among those who are making cool cash trading cryptocurrencies, then you will need to learn the skill of trading crypto successfully.


However, the skill is always a bit expensive, but it is worth it.


4.     Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing simply means promoting other people’s products or services for a commission based on the product sold.


This has been among the easiest way to make cool cash online by investing or sending a dime. Though, not everybody who gets into affiliating marketing is lucky to be successful.


Many of those people fail to understand that this has gotten beyond promoting products only. There are some certain things you need to learn. You will need the skill to promote and sell effectively.


This affiliating marketing can be learned in just a few weeks, and it is always less expensive compare to crypto trading skill.

5.     Blogging


I call this “king of all”. In blogging, there are many things. Some people may call it all in one digital marketing.  There are so many things and many ways to make money with blogging.


This kind of skill can make you a millionaire without owning a certificate. It is unfortunate that schools don’t teach this skill.


However, that does not mean you can’t learn it. There are many ways to learn blogging such as buying books, enrolling in tutorials etc.

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It is always recommended to have a blogging mentor. This skill takes time to master, so it is very important to have a mentor.


6.     Vlogging


This is similar to blogging, only that the content is in video form. In a few years back, I would say making money on YouTube is just creating and uploading videos on YouTube.


But these days had become competitive. You may upload 50 videos and end up getting 200 views in a month, which is very bad because your views on YouTube are what determines your earnings.


And the only thing you can do to avoid not getting views is have logging skills. Though, this skill often takes not less than three months to master.

7.     Dropshipping


This one is an unpopular lucrative business that requires little or no investment. However, you will need to have a dropshipping skill before you can do it successfully.


It is very easy and cheaper to learn. It is the kind of skill you can master in a month.

If you have tried many businesses and none has worked out for you then, learn dropshipping skills and watch cash flowing into your pocket in just a few months.

8.     Whatsapp TV


Another marketable skill is Whatsapp TV. Learning how to create and grow Whatsapp TV is another skill you can acquire in just a week.

There are a lot of people using Whatsapp TV to sell their products or other people’s product. There are also some people looking for who will help them build an active Whatsapp TV.

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Once you have the skill, you can render to those people or use it to own an active Whatsapp TV

9.     Facebook page promoting


Recently, facebook added a page monetization feature with some criteria. There are different monetization methods but the most popular one is video monetization which requires 10,000-page followers and 60,000 minutes watched.


There many people wishing to monetize their page and the ones wanting to create awareness of their products through their Facebook page.


You can learn how to drive more followers to Facebook pages and render the service to those people.


10.Web design


Web design is another highly demanded and profitable skill that can make cash flow into your pocket. This skill is very easy to learn.


When I say web design, some people may be thinking about writing codes, but this web design skill I am talking about does not require coding or programming skills.


You can simply use drag and drop website builders to design a professional website. There are many web builder apps and websites, but I recommend wordpress.


You just have to learn how to use elementor plugin or other page builder plugins on wordpress to design any kind of website.


This often takes two weeks to three months to learn.


Final thought


Thanks for reading our article on the top 10 marketable skills you can learn in three months.

if your find this article useful, please drop a positive comment ad share with your friends on social media.

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