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How To Raise Money Fast To Start Any Business With Your Smartphone

In starting any new business, you need money for a start and if you do not have any means to get that money or fund to start that business, the whole idea is  just be a mere thinking.

Here in this post article, I am going to show you how to raise fund (money) to start any business of your choice.

How To Save Money For Anything

For you to have landed here, I guess you have been asking yourself “How To Raise Money To Start A Business“. But let me tell you how powerful this content you are about to read is, either you are saving money for a business start up or you are saving it to buy something big like A New Laptop, Car, House or Land, this article will help you and it is free.

What you will learn:

1. How To Make Money.
2. How To Save Money.
If you can do these two things in life you will become rich quick or should I say fast.
Are you following me?
I want you to understand everything I would teach you here.
Some student do not know how to save money, workers save and spend all their money on luxury and go broke for life. The government will not teach you how to save because they do not want you to be rich, the education school system won’t teach you this.

I never learnt this in school, it is an inspiration I got from God almighty to teach you this if you are currently broke (Poor).


Let me pratically show you the secret of becoming rich as you want!

I guess 365 days make 1 year?

Even though it is 366 days, you can use the last day to thank your God 😏

Before you can ever start thinking of saving, you must first have a source of income flow, that is something that must be currently making you money now.

Next, you would check how much is your daily, weekly or monthly income as profit.

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That can help us know how you would discipline yourself to save.

Let me make rough income estimate here,

Let say you earn ₦65,000 month,


Ans= ₦2166.7

As someone with target, you can decided to be saving ₦1,000 daily. Or a monthly saving of ₦30,000 naira.


₦30,000 X 12 (that is 1yr)

Ans = ₦360,000/yr

Just imagine you stay committed and save for straight 5 years.

₦360,000 X 5 = ₦1,800,000

Did you see that very well or let me call it in words.

One Million Eight Hundred Thousand Naira.

You will become a Millionaira by the 6th year.

Now that I have show you how to save let me show you how to raise that amount to save daily.

Actually, you might not like to punish yourself now just save ₦1,000 daily.

Go Get A Side Hustle Job.

Yes, if you live in Africa or Nigeria in particular. I would advice you to find some legit job to do as a side biz, or learn a skill.


Take my word for this, if you and your family depend on your 9-5 hours job to survive, you will soon go begging in the street someday.

So, teach them how to make and save money at young age.

Go get a savings box for them and yourself, and make a daily fix saving amount and also get a notebook to keep track of daily saving go.

Everyday Can not be Be The Same!

Yes, some days are not favourable while some is super favourable. That was why I told you to also get a note book.

Some day, you can put ₦1,000 while another day, ₦2,000 or ₦5,000.

The least you must avoid to put is ₦500.

Well your kid or younger once can put that on theirs but for you to stay motivated, do it the way I just teach you.

Now, I Have Reach My Goal. What’s next.

Perfect question, use it to start a profitable business that can be generating you money in your absence.

Business that is good to sell in your area.

If you repeat this for your new business, you would soon become a Billionaira.

What do you learn from today’s post article.

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