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How to create WhatsApp TV And Make Money In Nigeria


Whatsapp TV is one of the best ways to promote your products and get more sales. Not just that, there are many benefits of having a Whatsapp TV.


It is said that many people don’t know what Whatsapp TV is and how to create Whatsapp TV. But in this post, I am going to give you full steps on how to create Whatsapp TV and make money from it.

However, it won’t sound good if talk about how to create Whatsapp TV without telling what is Whatsapp TV.  So let’s start by explaining what Whatsapp TV means.


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What is Whatsapp TV?


Whatsapp TV simply means posting on your status purposely for viewers and mostly about business or entertainment. This is different from what you post on your main Whatsapp status.


This type of status requires thousands of viewers if not millions. So how do you create a standard Whatsapp TV?


How to create Whatsapp TV


To create a Whatsapp TV, you will need Whatsapp business and a different number from your main Whatsapp account.


There are some features like automatic message reply, business details setup, and message tracking which you cannot find in the main Whatsapp app.


In every standard business, there is always a special number for the business. There is no difference here, if you want to create a standard Whatsapp TV, it is recommended to use a special number for it.


After getting a number to use for the TV, go to play store and download WA business which is Whatsapp business. Use the number to create a new account on the app.


The next step is to get a professional logo for your TV. Having a professional logo is something that should not be neglected when creating a Whatsapp TV.


Boom you have successfully created a Whatsapp TV.  Now let’s move to the next step.


Choose a niche


Before you start posting anything on your Whatsapp TV, it is good to have a niche down. You need to ask yourself these questions;

  • what type of content should I focus on?
  • Will these types of content I am choosing keep people to view my status every day?
  • How am I going to make money with this niche?

The above questions will help you to come up with a perfect niche. Although, you can choose to go with a combined niche, but it is not always effective as a single niche.

How to get more viewers on Whatsapp TV


There are various ways to promote Whatsapp TV and get more viewers. There are free methods and paid ones. Many of them are contained in this post which is listed below:


Using social media


It may sound crazy to use Whatsapp or other social media to promote a Whatsapp TV, but one of the most effective ways to promote your Whatsapp TV is using social media. Mostly Whatsapp and Facebook.


You may be wondering how it is possible to promote Whatsapp TV through Whatsapp, but after reading this, you will be able to use promote your TV using Whatsapp.


Well, before then, let’s talk about using Facebook to promote Whatsapp TV.


The first step to promote your TV on Facebook is to join multiple active Whatsapp groups. The niche of those groups doesn’t matter, so far they are active. Join as many as you can.


Now it is time to promote your TV without spamming those groups. Make a post that will make people drop their contacts in the comment section. E.g. “I need more friends on Whatsapp. Drop your numbers, I promise to add you up”


Post the same thing on other groups and wait for them to drop their numbers. Save the numbers on your email, it is not advisable to save them on your phone or SIM.


The final step is to compose a good message and send to those numbers. A greeting and save my contact message.


Promoting your TV on Whatsapp also follows the same steps, but you don’t need to post in Whatsapp groups.

You just have to be sending the message to users in the Whatsapp groups you joined.


Advertise on other Whatsapp TV


This is another fast way to get more viewers to your status. You will pay people with active Whatsapp TV to promote yours on theirs.


Alternatively, if you have a friend with a Whatsapp TV, you can just ask him for a shout out or by doing a shout-out for shout-out with other Whatsapp TV owners.

Referral contest/giveaway


Regular giveaway to your current user or organizing a referral contest is another way to promote your TV. You will use the current viewers to get more viewers by rewarding them for referring people to you.


This one the best way to grow your audience without you promoting it yourself.


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