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How To Edit or Change NNUForum Password Mistakes in Version 2

Do you have a nnuforum v2 account and I guess you have some daily earnings but unfortunately, you forgot the password you use to create your nnu v2 account while you are still login in your regular browser.

Do not make the mistake of logging out and unable to login to your new device or browser to continue your nnuforum income program. 

I would show you how to Change or Create A New NNUForum Password Without Mistakes

Edit and Change NNUForum Password, Email Address without mistakes
Edit or Change NNUForum V2 Password

Since NNUForum version 2 was created in September, 2019 which started with just 4 members and few post, many hackers has been trying to hack the system program but failed and created something similar to deceive members,  beware of fake nnuforum website and links you click.

If you have forgotten your password and would like to reset it and login in again in nnuforum to your old account, here are quick steps to use.

There are two (2) major changes you should take note of, about editing, change your nnuforum password::

My NNUForum V2 Account Password Settings

  1. Password Reset
  2. Change Password
These two changes are not the same in nnuforum account, let me show when and how to use these two CTA  buttons (Call To Action), please read this carefully
Change NNUForum v2 Password
NNUForum Account Password
What is Your NNUForum Password All About?
Password are security key to gain access to information mostly over the internet or on the web with a username or email ID to back it up. 
It is also use to secure person details and data of an individual or file. 
NNUforum password is use to secure members person details and protect account from hijackers/fraudstars (popularly known as SCAMMERs) 
Now if you have forgotten your nnuforum  version 2 password or want to change your password to strengthen your account,  here are simple steps to use and avoid mistakes.

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So, let start with Password Reset.
This is when you have completely lost your login password for nnuforum before you should do this. 

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All you would be ask for to create a new password is your username (email address), a link would be sent to your email address and you can use that link in your mail inbox sent by nnuforum to generate a new password. 
Second Password Settings, is Change Password. 

You know your password but you feel it is easy to guess by your friends or peers, other members etc or have forgotten to log out from someone device you log in to with your personal details of account. 
You can use Change Password to edit your password to a strong and better password that is best know to you only. Lol. 
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