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In 2023 Make Money Blogging: Is Starting A Blog A Profitable Business In Nigeria?


Many new bloggers was blinded with the false income of Famous/Popular Blogger in their sales copy or story just to get them join their newsletter (email list), some bloggers blogging today do not fully understand the concept of making money blogging which has made 90% quit blogging and made a decision not to join any making money online business again.

I am not here to tell you that there is no real income report of making money blogging but they won’t show you how really the system work from scratch to finish.

Step by Step Ways To Make Money Blogging Online - Incomebrain.com.ng


If you are looking for a business to invest in and start making money without stress, sorry there, blogging isn’t for you.


Find something else profitable to do.
I am not here to tell you that other bloggers are lying and I am the only one saying the truth, hell No.
There are few bloggers who have really made it blogging about 10% out of 100% while 30% earn penny and 60% has not yet discover what actually work, they jump from one earning program to another and at the end, end up confused. From the 60%, almost 30% quit blogging within 12 months of starting their blog.
And the other 30% keep persisting and creating multiple niche blogs.

What Real Making Money System Actually Work From Day 1


There is No Guarantee Of What Actually Make Quick Money Blogging, if you just want to make free money blogging.
If You Like Blog 24hours/7days for 30 days you won’t Make even $1 for been online. It may sound obvious but that is the fact, Blogging is not a Business/Job and if I should tell you the actual truth, it is a Platform.
A Platform to leverage.
A Platform to Build.
A Platform to Establish.
With the acronym BEL:
B= Build.
E= Establish.
L= Leverage.
But Yet Many Newbies are Decieved.
New Bloggers Are Decieved


From Yaro Starak “Blogging is a Business Not A Job” and that is true but I would partially agree with it.
My Own take “A Blog Is A Store” funny right.

Why did I say so?

Let me give you my reasons.

My Reason For Saying “A Blog Is A Store”

Just like a store, you need to add products to your store to start making money from sales of the products/Services. That is how a Busiiness blog should be set (Created), you have to have it in mind that you need to create products (digital products if you do not have an offline product to offer). If you are thinking that you can make money from advert placement on your blog, you would quit before you actually start making it big in advertisement programs rather still use Google Adsense.

You see, in advertisement programs you can’t predict how much you can earn from it or if your account with them would be blocked in the future.

You can only be sure that you would earn from clicks and views you are able to generate, but let take for example you sell online or teach online.
Your income comes from the product you sell and membership plans, courses and ebooks.

I am here to tell you the truth and also show you the system that actually makes the MONEY.

But, How Can Someone Make Real Money Blogging Now 😭?


You would avoid the stress of finding what makes money and how to get traffic (views) to your blog or make a sale. We would show you how.


When I  first started blogging, I did not make a single dollar ($0) and I spent $200 creating and designing my blog. I tried to make my blog responsive in design and awesome, I got the design I wanted and on a paid host I created the blog (wordpress self hosted) but It did not generate me up to $10 per month. That made me create multiple blogs.

I almost created 20 blogs 🤔

But No Profit, they all almost fail and I shut down all my news and entertainment blogs, Health Blog and Tech Blogs.

I was a multi-niche blogger, I wanted to cover every category on my blogs. Later, I discover that you can’t satisfy every one goal. You can’t Cover All Niche On Your Blog, you have to find a particular category and understand a sub- category on it or sub-topic.
Like, Fashion Niche – Shoe – Female Shoe.

You would get confuse trying to make your blog solve all problems.

I would emphasis more here, as we progress on this Topic Profitable Blogging Business.

This Topic Covers;

– What Niche To Focus On.
– What Topic Attract Views To Your Blog.
– What Makes People to Buy what you Sell Online.
– The Best Platform To Blog With.
– How To Make Money Blogging
– Fastest Way To Get Approved On Google Adsense.
– And many more.

If you have any question, please leave a comment below this post.

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