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Is Ubong King Dead? Who is Ubong Thompson King (Cause Of Death)

It came as a shock to me when I checked Google Trends and see Ubong King Trending having up to 50k search volume and I did more keyword research and discover that the Man Ubong Thompson King is Dead, From his Wikipedia Biography; he was born on 22nd August 1972. In this article you would know more about Ubong King Profile.

Ubong Thompson King Biography

Ubong King Profile

Ubong Thompson King is popularly known as a Motivational Speaker, Public Speaker and a Business Consultant through his social media profile and YouTube Channel “Ubong Thompson King” with more than 21.8k Subscribers.

YouTube Channel Profile: https://youtube.com/c/UbongKing

Instagram Profile:https://www.instagram.com/ubongking/

Ubong King Profile Links: https://linktr.ee/ubongking

Ubong King Website: https://ubongking.com/

Ubong King Books: https://ubongking.com/shop/

Story Of Ubong King (Biography)

Ubong King (born 23 August 1972) was a Business consultant, Security expert and Motivational speaker. King was the president of the Ubong King Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organisation targeted at training young people towards leadership.

Ubong was married to Unyime Ivy-King. Prior to his death, the marriage was blessed with 4 children.

Ubong King is passionately committed to his family and is married to his wife of 14 years, Amb. (Mrs.) Unyime -Ivy King, a co-builder with him in the home and in business. They are blessed with 4 children: Adora-Edima, Jamon-Mfonabasi, Atara-Uyaiabasi and Sarah-Mbuotidem.

What Killed Ubong King (Cause Of Death)

From research, many sources have said that Ubong King Death was caused by Covid 19 (Corona Virus) but his team said he suffer a little illness.

Pubic Speaking of Ubong King

Ubong King Quotes

I Am Not Afraid Of The Fold of Lions Lead by A Sheep But I Am Afraid Of The Fold Of Sheeps Lead By A Lion.
The only way to get out of trouble is to enter trouble.
An investment of time and resources is critical to winning.
“When royalty walks in faith and he believes, He can fly.”

Ubong King Mp3 Download and Videos

Business Lesson From The Prostitute – By Ubong King (mp3)

Stop Sitting on the fence | Ubong King Motivational video (mp3)

Ubong King Videos That Trend in 2020

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