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[Complete Video Tutorial] How To Create And Sell Your Digital Products Online In Nigeria, Africa

Creating Digital Product Online is not difficult but Selling Digital Products is were the Big Problem is and running Facebook Paid Ads is not a total guarantee that your Digital Products and Services like; Ebooks, Video Course, Audio Course and Online Training on Whatsapp would Sell and reach your Targeted Goal.

If you are a Beginner reading this, you would learn how to Find Hot Digital Products that Sell, Create Your First Digital Products Online, Use Automated Payment Methods to Sell Your Digital Products even while you sleep or Offline.

No, I am not a Newbie (Beginner) what would I get watching this Tutorial Guide?

Do you already have Digital Products You Created Yourself and you sell Manually using only Bank Payment Gateway, transfer or deposit Method.

In this Tutorial, you would learn how to Automatically Sell Your Digital Products Online Using Paystack to receive Payment for your Digital Product without you always confirming Payment and sending the Product (File) to their email.

In General, You are going to Learn How To Create And Sell Digital Products Online.

Keep Reading”….

Step By Step Guide To Use Paystack To Sell Digital Products Online
Create and Sell Digital Products Online

There are many Digital Products to create or already exist wish is delivered in different format for easy consumption and use, one of the most popular besting selling digital product are E-book(s) and Courses, others are not that trending as these two I just mentioned above.

{To make this post article easy to read and get the main points you are looking for, I have decided to create a quick clickable TABLE OF CONTENTS}

What You Would Learn From This Article, Right Now.

+ What Is A Digital Product.
+ Types Of Digital Products.
+ How To Create Digital Products.
+ How To Make Money Creating & Selling EBooks Online.
+ Tools For Creating A Professional Digtal Products.
+ What You Will Need.
+ Conclusion.

(Selling Digital Products Simply Means Selling Online)

Got that 😏!

What Is A Digital Product?

Digital Product(s) are Soft Copy of Contents, Valuable Information that is not in open source but can be access via online or offline on a computer (Laptop, Smartphone, Desktop) etc. Through in Downloadable Formart or Online.

Wikipedia further defines it as Digital Goods or e-goods

Digital Goods are intangible goods that exist in digital form.

  1. Video Tutorial Course.
  2. Audio Course.
  3. E-Work Book.
  4. Membership Sites. ✔️
  5. Downloadable Checklist
  6. Premium Subscription Plan.
  7. Selling Software.
  8. Online Coaching Flagship Course.
  9. Digital Graphics.
  10. EBooks as know as PDF (Portable Device Format) 

There are others that fall under one or two of this format here that I did not mention but let get thing easy here friend, let’s start with the quick and simple one – E-Book.

But, let us know what Business are we really going to be doing Online.

The Business is popularly know and called Information Marketing Business or Content Marketing.

So, Are You Ready! 🏴🚩

You probably do not know what is Information Marketing Business (Content Marketing), let me break it down to a lay man language.

Content Marketing would not be Possible if there is not a Content Creator (You).

So, to help you get better understanding of Content Creation and Marketing, let’s get to know What is Information Marketing and how is different from What is Content Marketing. – Find Out! 

How To Start Information Marketing (Step By Step)
What is Content Marketing

What Is Information Marketing?

Information marketing is a process of distributing contents in various Digital Format for end user to access Online.

Calling it a business simply means you make profit from it, now it is called Information Marketing Business or Content Marketing Business.

Information Marketing is different from Digital Marketing but have same goal to achieve.

Types Of Information Marketing Products:

  1. Video Tutorial Course.
  2. Audio Course.
  3. E-Work Book.
  4. Membership Sites. ✔️
  5. Downloadable Checklist
  6. Premium Subscription Plan.
  7. Selling Software.
  8. Online Coaching Flagship Course.
  9. Digital Graphics.
  10. EBooks as know as PDF (Portable Device Format) 
Now, let’s get to know how to create one Digit Product.

For the sake of Simplicity, I would show you how to create an Ebook using your Smartphone or Computer.


Step #1:

Download Google Doc Application from Google Play Store (Download Latest Version Here)

Step #2:

Create A New Document and type all your content and customize (Edit).

Step #3:

Design An E-Book Cover with App like; Pic Art, Canva and Adobe Photo shop.

Watch: Step #3 in Video Tutorial

Step #4:

Convert And Save Your Document Draft In PDF (Portable Device File) and Upload it to your Google Drive and make it shareable to everyone. Copy the sharing link.

Watch: Step #4 in Video Tutorial

Step #5:

Go to Google Direct Link website and input the link you copy and generate a downloadable that whenever someone click one the link instantly download your PDF File.

Watch: Step #5 in Video Tutorial

Step #6:

Use link shortner tools to shorten the link like goo.gl, bit.ly, tinyurl.com or other link shortner you know and start sharing your work to the public free or paid.

Stage 1: is typically for beginners and quick method to get your content publish as ebook online, but if your goal is to make money from your ebook and make it automated, Method 2 and 3 is for you and I would show you how to sell your ebook without using Paypal in Nigeria or even without a website to sell your ebook.

It is frustrating to create an ebook and use Paypal to sell and can not recieve the money here in Nigeria to your local bank, I would show you how to sell your ebook automatedly and collect/recieve the money here in Nigeria fast using Paypal alternatives.
So,  What is Method 2 And 3.
Stage 2: is how you can set up an Automated System to sell your digital product (e-book) without you manually sending PDF Files to your Buyers. Which I covered the whole process in My Book “Automated System To Create And Sell Your Book Online” go and get the book and learn more Advance way I use to sell my book even when I travel to my local village where there is no Network.

Stage 3: How To Use Organic and Paid Adverts To Sell Your Digital Products to Potential Buyers, using Facebook Ads or Spamming Groups with your Digital Products is not the only way to Promote your Digital Products

In this Video course, I would show you how to get more people to buy what you sell using all strategies in the Online Marketing Space. 

Coming Soon: Video Course On How To Sell Your Digital Product Online

I would recommend you get my Book if the whole process is strange to you and another amazing benefit of getting the book, I would contact you on Whatsapp and hold you by hand to Create and launch your first Digital Product (Ebook) or other Information Marketing Products you want to sell online.

For the Video Course, I would soon Launch it and let you know if you Subscribe to this Site either through Notifications or Opt in Email Form Here.

Do you want to get your Copy of “Automated System To Create And Sell Your Book Online ” – Click Here to Download.

If you need any further help or want to ask me a question, you can leave your question, comment on the comment section below or you want to chat with me privately, here is my Whatsapp Number: 07055487338. (Do not Call, Whatsapp Only).

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