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Start Selling Online: How To Start Selling Online (Create An E-Commerce Website)

The way to make money online is selling something online to real human being that would give you real money (cash). No other Secret again, let Incomebrain show you how in this post with this smart income strategy.

Smart Marketing Strategy To Use Today

Smart marketing plan would result to Successful Business Sales within a realistic period of time, if your strategy is actionable you would get good income report.
Wherether you  sell online or teach online or do affialate marketing business, you need a solid smart marketing plan to succeed.
We have interviewed hundreds of Entreprenuer online or offline, in different business and market. What we discover, there is no one particular or specific business that is very favourable in profit, the marketing strategy is the difference.


What Marketing Strategy Do They Use?

Online Promotion Techniques that work with them knowing the Right Audience. The most frequently asked question entreprenuers ask us is “Why Are My Products Not Getting Much Sales and Demand”, “Why Am I Not Making Sales”.
I know it is painful for someone to put in all his or her effort in creating an awesome product like Ebook, Course, Training and Nobody Buys. So Frusttrating, it may even lead to online business failure.

All this Suffering and Struggle in sales and making money online made us create a University Online to show you how to do it at the comfort of your home, we created Income Brain University.
Start Selling online

How To Start Selling Online (Create An E-commerce Website)

In this post, you would see the steps and platforms that you can use to create an online store and start selling online.

+ Facebook Page.

+ E-Commerce Website.

+ Your Own Store.

In our previous post we talk about ways to create passive income business, how to make money on youtube.
Selling is what make a successful business, that is why in todays’ post we are going to be focusing on the system or plugin you can use to sell online with or without your presence.

Let’s begin…

Now, selling online is done with two major platforms. 1. Using Ecommerce Store, 2. Using your own website.
Others fall under these two.

Why Do You Need This Systems?

On like the offline system, you are the one that do 99.9% of the selling. You open the shop, you attend to customer, you collect money, you make invoice, you supply the goods, you take stock.
Online you just ensure your host is active and the payment gateways are functioning, you would still take care of the marketimg aspect. Most system would teach how to do marketing.

What Are The Online Systems

They are numerous and complicate to choose the perfect one. let list some few out here, but before then, I will explain the two major system I mention before.

Using E-Commerce Store

Ecommerce website are site that allow you to sell your products through their system, after creating a seller account. Some example of site like this are: Amazon, Alibaba, Jumia, Konga, Jiji, Facebook Page.

Using Your Own Website

This is very expensive to maintain and unlimited access from start to finish, you use an ecommerce platform to build your Store online Many Use Plugin like woo-commerce and many other wordpress ecommerce plugin while others use an independent system like Big Commerce.
In this system you pay for hosting and custom domain name with other cost to manage your store yourself.

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