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Steps To Upgrade JAMB Score Result 2023 (From JAMB Portal)

After you check your JAMB Result score online, you are not satisfied with your JAMB Score because it didn’t even meet your choice of school JAMB cut off mark and you are thinking if it is possible to upgrade JAMB Score Result 2023 to any universities cut off mark in Nigeria. Here is step by step guide on How To Upgrade JAMB Score Result from JAMB Portal.

We know that this question has been in most of the Jamb candidate’s minds and that is why we have decided to talk about this and also provide you with the answer to your question.

In this post, we are going to show you How to boost your Jamb score, Jamb result upgrade real, How to log in to upgrade your Jamb result, and How to upgrade your Jamb result, all by yourself without spending any dime.

Let’s begin with what the Jamb upgrade score is about. Upgrade Jamb score result in Lowman terms is simply when a candidate decides to add marks to the main score so as to meet up to the cut-off mark of the desired course.

Those, who upgrade their scores are Jamb candidates, who were not able to meet up with the UTME score.

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Jamb scores are divided into four subjects for Sciences student

Use of English

Mathematics and two other science subjects.

For art students: Use of English

Mathematics and two other art subjects.

Is It Possible To Upgrade Jamb Score?

Yes is the answer, you can upgrade the Jamb score but will not be uploaded by Jamb on their result-checking website.

Note: You can not upgrade your Jamb result after exams. You can personally upgrade your Jamb score result even without anyone’s help or from some people who will claim to own or is nothing like jamb upgrade officials).

The Requirement To Upgrade Jamb Score

Here are the required personal details that will be needed to upgrade your Jamb score result.

  • Examination centre number.
  • Examination name (candidate’s name).
  • Reference number.
  • Centre name.
  • NIN.
  • Seat number.

How To Upgrade Jamb Result/Score By Yourself

To upgrade your JAMB result, you have to follow these simple steps:

  • On the JAMB website and click on “Upgrade My Result” Log in with your JAMB details and complete the form Jamb documents and score printout.
  • Kindly, upload all your documents and wait for approval.
  • Pay the upgrade fee and receive your upgraded result on your phone.


Can Jamb Add Mark To My Score?

If you have been told that jamb adds mark. No, Jamb can not add a mark to any candidate that sits for the Jamb exam. The jamb board always make sure that they sum all the marks you get in each of the subjects. Jamb can only award bonus marks to its candidate but will not be added to your main result.

Can I Change The Result I Uploaded On Jamb Portal?

The only way you can change your result score on your Jamb portal is by clicking on your Jamb portal and uploading the new result before replacing the other.

How To Check My O’level Result On Jamb Portal

For you to check our ‘level result on your Jamb portal, you have to log in to

from the option choose”Check admission status”. login and choose “O’level result”

In conclusion

With the information that we have given and also listed in this post; you can now upgrade your Jamb score result. Don’t forget to follow the steps that we have outlined below in this post. Thank

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