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How To Join VTU Business That Is Not RAGP (Recharge And Get Paid Alternatives)

One hot afternoon, after my normal daily routine and I decided to log in to my whatsapp and receive a message from one of my down line group (for prospect) and I saw a message that a prospect was asking; “Hope it is NOT RAGP?”

And I felt like, is anything wrong with RAGP.

If you do not know RAGP, it stand for Recharge And Get Paid. It is a VTU platform in Nigeria and it HQ in Lagos. Many other persons has began to ask too many question because of their experience with it like, Is RAGP Scam, Is VTU Business A Scam, what other legit VTU Business Platform in Nigeria. That has made me to write this post.

Alternative VTU Business Platform for Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP)
VTU Business In Nigeria

First, if you do not known any this about Recharge And Get Paid or VTU Business, do not waste your time on this page, go read my other post article on What VTU Business Is All About and How To Start VTU Business.

#1 Alternative For RAGP

If you have been recharge from your bank, you are waste your money and enriching your bank by giving them your commission.
This post is strictly for those that has join RAGP anf want to leave it or that has left it, we at IBN has no special benefit for writing this but to serve searcher, users with valueable content. We are not condemning any VTU platform but giving readers a suggestion for them to make decision themselves.
See Our Content Disclaimer for more.

So, back to what we are saying, VTU Business is not hard and not a scam. Do not mind what people are saying in forums like Nairaland and it associates.

There are list of other VTU Business Platform in Nigeria and global but I would mention only the one I am a member of, that I can say what I know about which is …………

You already know na.

H2i TopUpAndEarn is the 2nd Ranking VTU Business platform after RAGP.

Now, why did I choose this platform.

The Registration is a one time payment and it is pocket friendly just ₦2,000 ($6)

You can fund your E-wallet with any amount.

You receive 5% commission for your top ups.

You would be trained.

You receive a free E-wallet Capital for a start.

We teach you how to save and give you a saving dashboard which is Salary4life.biz

You earn points and commission for your referrals.


  • – You get ₦156,000 ($434) + ₦25,000 ($70)
  • – Your sponsor will get ₦15,000 ($42)
  • – Cumulative Reward ₦6000 ($17)


  • – You get ₦312,500 ($868) + ₦50,000 ($139)
  • – Your sponsor get ₦25,000 ($70)
  • – Cumulative Reward ₦12,500 ($35)


  • – You get ₦625,000 ($1,736) + ₦100,000 ($278)
  • – Your sponsor get ₦50,000 ($139)
  • – Cumulative Reward ₦25,000 ($70)


  • – You get ₦1,250,000 ($3,472) + ₦250,000 ($695)
  • – Your sponsor get ₦100,000 ($556)
  • – Cumulative Reward ₦50,000 ($139)


  • – You get ₦2,500,000 ($6,944) + ₦500,000 ($1,389)
  • – Your sponsor get ₦200,000 ($556)
  • – Cumulative Reward ₦100,000 ($278)


  • – You get ₦5,000,000 ($13,889) + ₦1,000,000 ($2,778)
  • – Your sponsor get ₦500,000 ($1,389)
  • – Cumulative Reward ₦300,000 ($833)


  • – You get ₦25,000,000 ($69,444) + ₦6,000,000 ($16,667)
  • – Your sponsor get ₦1,000,000 ($2,778)
  • – Cumulative Reward ₦500,000 ($1,389)
If you are interested to Join the platform, Click Here Now.

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