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5 New Methods Of Making Money Using Opay App in Nigeria

Opay is owned by Opera Mini Browser, it is a solid reason you should know that it is legit and would soon become very popular as it browser – OperaMini, Under the license of Opera Group Company.

What is Opay All About?

New Opay App is just like our popular VTU (Virtual Top Up) Business App,  but has a kind of bit different features.

Here are other sister company to Opay:

Opay was created by Opay Digital Service Limited.

List of Services Offered By OperaPay Digital Service Limited (Opay) :

  • OPay. 
  • ORide.
  • OBus. 
  • OFood.
Opay Official Website Link: https://operapay.com/
Make Money With Opay App in Nigeria
Opay Agent

How To Win ₦50,000 Weekly On Opay (Step By Step)

Yes! It is Possible.

Step 1
Become an agent of OPay
Download the app from Google Play/ App Store, Sign-up then upgrade to an Agent.

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Google Play Store
Google Play

Step 2

Onboard 30 new users
Perform at least 3 deposits (Cash In) and 1 withdrawal (Cash Out) or any other transaction excluding bank transfer, wallet-to-wallet & QR code.

Step 3

Stand a chance to win Big!
Stand a chance to win up to ₦50,000 weekly and a brand new motorcycle as the grand prize at the end of the promo. Winners will be published every-week here. See more information on how to qualify here.

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Promo details

The Agent Championship will give agents an opportunity to win big provided they comply with all terms and conditions. (Win Cash up to N10,000 – N50,000 & brand new Motorcycles)
Agents that rank within 1-100 get N50k weekly.

(This means these agents met and exceeded the criteria of onboarding at least 30 NEW users weekly and engaging them to do 3 Cash In & 1 Cash Out transactions with you as an agent of OPay).
Agents within the range of 101-1000 get N10k weekly. (This means these agents met the Championship criteria but points value isn’t as high).

Promo page details

The OPay Agent Championship is aimed at rewarding top-performing agents who encourage customers to fund their OPay account at their shop and will give agents an opportunity to win up to ₦50,000 cash every week and Brand new motorcycles to be given out at the end of the promo). Terms and conditions apply.
To qualify, agents have to help a minimum of 30 new customers in a week to Cash In & Cash Out at their location for the first time.

What is OPay Cash In?


OPay Cash In is a feature that allows users to fund their OPay account from any nearby Agent nationwide. Both the user and the agent are rewarded when a cash-in transaction is done.

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