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VTU Business E-Wallet Funding Methods: How To Buy E-Wallet On H2i Topupandearn Salary4life Free Online (with Examples and Pictures)

Easiest Way To Fund Your E-wallet For Free Today.

If you are looking for ways to fund your Ewallet for free, How to Fund it and What charges would they charge you buying EWallet directly from H2i TopUp&Earn – Salary4Life Portal, in this article we would show you everything you need to know about E-Wallet with Steps, Examples and Pictures (including Video).

How To Fund Your E-Wallet

I would show you three (3) approved methods to fund your EWallet and also how to do it yourself, how much would you be charged.

First, let know;

  1. What Is An E-Wallet?
  2. What Is E-Wallet Use For?
  3. How Can I Use My E-Wallet
  4. How To Fund Your (Buy) E-Wallet Yourself?
  5. How To Transfer E-Wallet Fund?
  6. Methods To Raising Money To Fund Your E-Wallet.
  7. How To Refund Your Money Lost In Failed Transations from your E-Wallet Account.
  8. How To Re-Try A Failed Transation from your Dashboard.
  9. how can i fund my vtu e wallet account.

Let’s Begin.

What Is An E-Wallet?

E-Wallet is an Electronic Savings Account (Wallet) were a Registered member can save fund for now or later use to make purchases on her platform for any product or service render to them. It serves as the only currency you can use to trade on her platform (H2i TopupandEarn – Salary4Life Website) and is very easy to fund and manage. And now you know what is an E-wallet, you would like to know what you can use it for.

 What Is E-Wallet Use For?

E-wallet Fund can be use to complete purchases on H2i TopupandEarn portal, register a new member when you refer them to sign up using your referral link. Its uses are numerous  on her portal, like buying of Airtime, Data, Top Ups, Gotv subscription, Startimes Subscription, Electricity Bill, Transfer to another person, Sell or use instead of a debit or credit card. It is also known as System E-Wallet
It is use as a payment GateWay
Briefly, let me explain how you can use E-Wallet as a payment method.

When you are logged in to her portal, and want to buy Airtime, data and the rest, you can choose System E-wallet as a way to make payment. Note, you would be debited from the money in your E-Wallet account.

3 Steps To Quickly Fund Your E-Wallet (Fast) For Free On H2i TopupandEarn – Salary4Life

How To Fund Your E-Wallet Yourself

This is what you MUST know how to do, if you want to be using the platform effectively.

There have three approved method to fund your E-Wallet.

#1: Buy E-Wallet Online

#2: Refer People to Join with your refer link and Receive Commission for Referring and use it to fund your Wallet

#3: Pay To Your Team Leader Account and He would Fund It For You.

Quickly, let’s know how to Fund our E-Wallet ourselves.

Note: Extra Charges May Be Applied when processing your purchase on paystack.

First Step: Login To Your Dashboard

You have to login to be able to fund your E-Wallet, and as a registered member you can login via this link: 

👉 https://salary4life.biz/member/login
👉 https://topupandearn.com/member/login

Second Step: Locate The  “System E-Wallet” Tap

On Mobile; click on the Menu (=) bar close to the logo on your dashboard = (menu) and select System E-Wallet > you would see a drop down cap and click on Buy E-Wallet Online.

Example with Pictures:

Do you see the above picture.
Then, open the System E-wallet and click Buy E-Wallet Online.

See here Image below.

You would be redirected to a new webpage.

Third Step: Enter Amount And Buy

After you have been redirected to a payment page, you will need to enter the amount you want to fund your account with and click the buy now button to complete payment.

See image below.

Enter Amount,
Then, Click Buy Now.
Complete Payment Via PayStack
Select any method that is comfortable for you.
Pay With Card Method
Enter your active card details and click Pay Now.

Your E-Wallet has been successfully funded, to check long to your dashboard .
(This was a screenshot I took when I first Fund my Wallet, I did not save the screenshot for the ₦50,000 naria Fund).
Now you know how to fund you wallet successfully, let look at how to transfer fund to others.

How To Transfer E-Wallet Fund

You might become a retailer of E-Wallet Fund, how?

If you have a newly registered member in your team that do not know how he or she can fund their wallet, you can collect physical cash from them and transfer the amount to them. Maybe exact amount or you can add transfer cost for them like ₦10,₦20 and above to profit from it or you can totally offer the transfer service for free, reward them with E-Wallet fund for their hard work so far.
Now, let look at How To Transfer Fund to another registered member.
Step by Step with Pictures:

Step #1: Click the Menu Bar =

Step #2: Select ‘Make Transfer

Step #3: Fill The Transfer Form

Step #4 : Click ‘Transfer’

Methods To Raise Money To Fund Your E-Wallet

We have three (3) approved methods to raise free money to fund your wallet, but be careful using this methods.


#1: Referral Commission.
#2: Cummulative Earnings.
#3: Product Sold.
#1: Referral Commission:- This is money made/paid to you for referring others to join the system, this is know as Referral Commission. You can withdraw it and also use it to fund your account/wallet.
#2: Cummulative Earnings:- This is your cummulative percent of your transaction activities, it is usually small but as it cummulate, it amount to a reasonable amount, it can be use to fund your wallet.
#3: Product Sold:- This is if you have been selling product such as Airtime, Data, Tv Subscription, Electricity Bills and the rest. Momey you collect from customer can be use to fund your E-Wallet.

How To Refund Your Money Lost In Failed Transations from your E-Wallet Account.

👉if you do a transaction and you are not sure it went successful or it declined,all you need to do to resolve it on your own is to take the following steps

1.Go to your dashboard and click on Purchase History,it will bring out a page,showing dates and filter
2.click on the date and put in the date of transaction,then click on filter
3.Your transactions will be visible showing you either completed or declined or processing or pending
4. Slide to the extreme right and you will see an icon,click it and it will bring out ‘Retry’ and ‘Refund’
5. If you click on ‘Retry the transaction will go immediately and will be completed
6. If you click on ‘Refund’ your money will immediately be refunded and credited back to your system wallet.

See pictorial example

And you would get a refund message both SMS and notification on your dashboard.

☝ These are the quick steps to take to solve your transaction issues faster.

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