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Becoming A Teacher in Nigeria is one of the most worst Profession anyone can ever think of choosing because of the Little (Peanuts) Salary they are paid monthly for teaching students in the local classrooms. If you are a teacher reading this right now, Do you know that you can make extra more money teaching what you are teaching offline, online with these New Methods I am going to show you here in this post and more if you read still the end.

Are You Satisfied With Your Salary?

If No, here are some fast quick methods to make more income as a teacher.

Before, these methods was not possible because of the lack and setbacks in technology but in this new age, the fast developments of the web to the use of internet has made it very possible and simple for us to learn a course and get certified online and use the degree for offline purposes. So, do not feel these new methods are strange or impossible.

In a moment from now, I would be listing out these new methods and also show you how you can start using them.


Back to business of the day, I said I am going to show you “HOW TO MAKE EXTRA MORE MONEY ONLINE AS A TEACHER IN NIGERIA (NEW METHODS)” Okay without wasting much time, let me begin.

Are you there?

How To Start Teaching Online In Nigeria  (2020)

One bold step I want you to take is to change your mindset about making quick money online and Online Businesses.
  1. Own An Online School.
  2. Create & Sell E-Materials; Ebooks, Work Sheet, Audio Class Lessons, Video Tutorial.
  3. Get Paid Promoting Other People’s Product.
  4. Organize Private After Class Programs.
  5. Start a Membership site and sell courses online.
I guess by now, your brain would be shouting “yes, it is possible” and your flesh would be saying “Can you do it”. For the holy scripture said, the soul is willing but the flesh is not strong to set up these thing as soon as possible and start making money online teaching.

Table Of Content

  • Overview.
  • What is this?.
  • Side Hustles.
  • How To Start
  • Best Tools To Start .
  • Limitations.
  • Opportunity.


Without wasting your time as a teacher 😋

Let me tell you How?

What was #1, 🤔

Own An Online School

Yes, cost of starting an offline school is high and not everyone can afford it but to set up an online school is less expensive and easily managed. You do not have to learn programming languages or web designs to create one, all you need is money and expert would set it up for you. How much, with ₦50K – ₦100K your school is fully set up and running and the sweet pot is that before 3 month, you have made that money back and you would ask how?

You can make consistent ₦200K – ₦500K/per month with your online school if you know what you are doing from start. You do not need much registration of anything just a web host and domain name to be online (You can get both here on our shop – IB Store).

We can also help you create your online school from scratch with just ₦45,000, contact our team now – Click here.

You might want to talk to me one one one and know why the price is that high, no problem. We understand that everyone are not the same or financially stable, and you might just be new to your teaching career and do not have much to spend, because your salary is small. We understand, you can get your own online school fully set up for just ₦20,000 or less – contact me and ask me how, to help you set thing up.



Next, ✌

Create &Sell E-Materials


This the easiest way you make can make fast quick money online, sell digital products like Ebook, Checklist, Work Book, Work Sheet, Template and Video & audio tutorials. You can start selling one of them for as low as ₦500 for a starting price and if you have up to 30 students that would buy the material, it would be equal to;
500 (students) X ₦1,500 (Price per product) = ₦75,000 from just sell 1 product. And you can make this sales before 1 month
If you say your material is worth more than that, what would be your starting price, ₦1,000, ₦2,000, ₦5,000
Any amount X (times) the number you are able to sell the material.
This is just the starting point, you can download this book to learn how to charge and get students to beg you to pay for your ebook (digital products).

Or click here to download the pdf file.

You would thank me later after downloading it.

Get Paid Promoting Other People’s Product


Now, if you says the school I teach do not allow or won’t allow me to sell things to students because of some certain reason. You can be paid to recommend other people’s product and get paid when your student buy from them, here you need high convincing skill to be able to persuade them that this product covers more than other and they should only buy via your link or coupon code. This method is called  Affiliate Marketing Business and it is free to set up, download my guide on how to start affiliate marketing as a business.
Click here to Download
In side, I would show you every process from join the right affiliate program to making your first 10 commission. Also how to create a professional website/blog  to promote your affiliate business.

Organize A Private After Class Program

Does it sound strange, you can create a private facebook group or whatsapp group to teach your student after school on break, strike or whatever free period your school have and place a one time registration fee or per class for as low as ₦5,000 per course or subject. Make them know that they can become a master in the subject by taking your lessons. A private secret facebook group would be better to organize the extra class program online, only people with group link can access and see the group and only those you approved can see posts and videos in it.
For more about using social media to teach online, check out our previous posts.
Also read:
Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Youtube are free tools or platform to use.

Start A Membership Site & Sell Courses Online

What does this mean, you can decide to do this along side with #1 or do it as a stand alone business. Let me explain; in number 1, you own the school and others create and sell their course on your platform and you make some percentage when others make a sale or sales, you can also create and sell your own course. But for Membership site, it is completely different and not for beginners or people without authority, you must be an authority in your field like you have up to 5 – 10 years of experience teaching that course.
This is somehow, difficult but here is were the real money is. How?
You charge monthly fee for your membership plan and you can give a discount price for some members in a specific plan or make it completely free to some premium member.
I am just preaching here lets be calculative.
Let say if you sell a membership for $50/month and you have 50 students who sign up for your membership plan for 1 year (12 months)
That is;
$50 X 12months = $600
$600 X 50 (students) = $30,000// (A Year)
How much is your Salary? 😁



You see the real potentials in starting an online business as a side hustle business to increase/ grow your income fast.
If you want to create a professional and affordable Membership site with ₦50K, we can help you get all thing done within 24 hours.
If you are still looking for other legit ways to make money online, see our post we shared here on this site: 3 New Hot Online Business To Start In Nigeria With No Capital.
The decision is in your hand, you can decide to keep searching the web or pick one here and establish as a business for yourself.  I have done my part by giving you an eye opening secrets.
Now, I share more of this and answer questions like this ask members in our facebook network group, you too can join and be part of this network – it is free.
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