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How To Earn ₦5,000 Daily With Your SmartPhone?

Do you know that you can earn more than ₦5,000 naira daily with your smartphone or laptop!

How Can I Earn More Than ₦5,000 Daily With My SmartPhone?

How to make ₦5,000 daily with your smartphone or laptop

Here in this post article, I am going to show you How To Make ₦5,000 or More With your Smartphone or Laptop Daily.

*Important Notice: That income mentioned in this content is not a typical, that is you can’t make exactly figure following this guide step by step. Online business mentioned here are as every other business and how you will make money doing this business depend on you and diligence.

It is good I let you know about that legal information of this business or businesses I would be listing here so as not to mislead you or deceive you, many people say they get scammed today not because it is online business they got into but due to the way they got the information. Every post here on is not a get rich quick scheme but a real business that if you follow with caution will profit and benefit you later. Some online business do not make you millions as per say at the beginning of it.

There are many online business that you can do to make money but these are the ones we select over time and with experience for you;

#1: Information Marketing.

#2: Affiliate Marketing.

#3: Pay Per Click.

#4: Pay Per Action.

#5: VTU Business (E-Top Up).

You might have know from #1 – #4 but you may not be familiar with number #5 (VTU Business).

Someone asked; Is VTU Business an Online Business?

I said let me explain it to you and you would tell me what business it falls under. 😁

But, I would start by explaining them one after the other (1 by 1).

#1: Online Information Marketing:  is a  type of business that the owner (individual) makes money from selling useful information to end users, how to earn ₦5,000 daily from online information marketing.

Create an information product for ₦500 and make 10 sales daily (₦500 X 10 = ₦5,000) you can have more than 10 sales daily or less than 10 sales daily.

Online information marketing can be set up by any one, students, workers, and self employed.

It income is base on individual hard work and dedication to the business. It was part of the 3 Hot New Online Business To Make Money I mentioned on my previous post before go check it out.

#2: Online Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is an online business you get paid per successful sign ups or sales others made with your referral link. It is a Capital free business, that is you do not need any start up capital for it. Jist try to build your influence or brand online and offline.

How to earn ₦5,000 as an Affiliate Marketer; Find any legit and trusted online Ecommerce company that has an opportunity or accept affiliate and pays good commission and join them as an affiliate and make money when you drive a sales for them.

Some Affiliate companies pays from $10 – $500 dollars per referral., depending on how high their target customer or what they sell.
 Examples of Online website company that accept Affiliate are CJ Commmission, Amazon, Jumia,, Bluehost, Whogohost.

#3: Pay Per Click: Joining a Pay Per Click program is just what you need here, this program are online advertising companies that want to drive more traffic to their advertiser website or landing page. That is advertiser pays them for clicks track with their links, so they share their income with members, example of  Pay per click Website (program) are Google Adsense, Propeller Ads,, NewsPay, etc.

#4: Pay Per Action: Pay Per Action Program is not too different from Affiliate Marketing, the only difference is that in Affiliate Marketing Program you promote only one product or have one goal, to drive sales but in Per Per Action you promote different brands and different products. You get paid when you complete an action or survey. Examples of Per Per Action Websites are, SurveyJunkie, Bucksgang etc.

#5: VTU Business (E-Top Up): I am a registered and approved member of this program and others I have mentioned here, When I say you can make earn money from VTU Business, I know what I am saying very well, let me teach you how to make ₦5,000 daily from your VTU Business.

First Step is to find and join a VTU Business Program (company), I recommend you join my platform – H2i TopuandEarn Salary4life using my referral link.

Next, learn my 3 methods of funding my H2i Topupandearn E-wallet and come back and see how to make ₦5,000 daily. You earn ₦500 per refer in the platform like if you join using my referral link, I would earn ₦500 as my commission for referring you. See how to transfer your referral commission to your Ewallet fund – click here.

Did I just mention how to make ₦500 naira from this business, well that is just one of the method but imagine I could made up to 10 persons to join the platform a day that is ₦5,000 daily.

Another method is from your activities like using your wallet to pay bills and buy airtime, data, electricity bills, Tv bills etc and as your point increase you have a chance of earn more on the platform.

If you are interested in joining this platform program, see my Step by Step Guide On How To Start A Profitable VTU Business – Click here.

Thank you for reading, leave a comment on this topic:
How Can You Earn ₦5,000 Daily With Your SmartPhone?

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