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Quick Actionable Steps To Create And Sell Your Book Online (Using Automated System)

I guess you know about “Ebook”?

If not, I woud give you an depth explanation of what is an Ebook and how to create, write and sell your first book online as EBook. A P.D.F (Portable Device Format) is also known as E-book or a format use in distributing E-books.

selling ebook

Are you a writer, you might already have a manuscript (rough creative work) or already a published author having your Book Printed on  Hard Copies.

Do you know that you can take advantage of selling your book online and make more money (without printing) thousands of more copies but marketing to thousands willing to buy your book.

However, this tactics would only work for you if you are willing to become a Published Author Right Now, Right here.

On my previous post on Digital Product, we discussed on

How To Create Digital Products Online,

How To Create And Sell Your Ebook

And many others,

You can do so much business with your smartphone and build a passive high income streams doing them,

Quickly, I want to show you how to create an Ebook or make your book go online step by step.

Type your work (write up, manuscript) into Microsoft Doc or Power Point, convert them to PDF by changing the file format extension from  .doc to .pdf

Now, what Next.

Continue Reading Here, see the complete steps I mentioned on my first article on this topic.

Steps To Create Ebook and make it downloadable

Do all this step seems confusing?

Get the Complete Tutorial Guide and my other amazing bonus packages

Bonus Packages You Would Get When You Download “Sell Your Book Online ” – By Ebube James

We all know of Amazon!

Amazon Kindle is an online website store famous author, best sellers sell their books both hard copy and soft copy but I would tell you that I discovered lots of limitations to we Nigerians in this platform.


paypal 😥

PayPal is their online payment gateway for you to collect money from buyers and receive money from selling your products.

PayPal has restricted access and policy to most countries especially Nigeria and Amazon do not easily accept Nigeria writers to the space.

You can not receive money (withdrawal) the money you get paid by buyers to your bank account here in Nigeria. Or else you do fund exchange with others that would transfer nairas to you and you transfer PayPal fund to them.

So frustrating.

I am not trying to condemn the platform but it is kind of limited to some extent which I personally do not like and I try out another Automated System To Create And Sell Your Book Online.

Using Paystack, yes Paystack accept Nigerians infact.

It was developed By African for Africans.

There is a good news here,  Woo-commerce allows Paystack integration and you can set your price in Naira and receive all types of currency from different countries that want your product/book.

And you can also make every system automated by making your digital product downloadable after successful payment.

You can either accept bank transfer or online payment from customers.

You get paid straight to your bank after 2-3 working days in order to settle dispute and refund policy.

Only a little percentage is charge which you can add while pricing your product.

That is not all.

In the Automated System Book, I show you how to market your books and reach more potential buyers Fast.

Here are some Bonus Packages you would get.

* Private One on One Training (Teaching) on Whatsapp.

* Automated System to Sell Your Book Set Up.

* Online Book Marketing.

* Mobile Graphics Design.
* I would design your Online Book Cover For You.

And so much more.


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