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5 Quick Easy to start Hot Online Business Ideas (Right Now)

Looking For Easy to start Online Business Ideas that can make you Real Money and Work From Home, here are 5 New online Buiness Ideas Untaped

In our last article on Online Business Ideas, we discuss on some Hot online Business that you can do from home.

We talked about Affiliate Marketing, Selling Digital Products and Services, Teaching Online and lots more on them.

You can check more on what we shared on the post by seeing our recommended legit online business in Nigeria


I guess that article was last year and things has really changed over time in the Online Business World, New Online Business Ideas everywhere.


Today, let see New Internet business Ideas that one can easily start and make money from home.


Whether you are from Nigeria or outside the country, beginner or profession Internet guru.

One thing you should know that is sweet to get paid in hard currency (Foreign Currency).


Nothing has been most exceiting to me than the day i first got paid in dollar, the second one was when I was paid in cryptocurrency (bitcoin).

You would want to know all what i did to get paid in foreign currency here in Nigeria, No problem.


I would tell you for free!


But, Here is what you need to know.


In this post, I share estimated figure of wht I have earned from various online business. that is my Income and source of income, there is no typical assurance that you would make same income if you do what I say.

Infact, you can end up not making a penny or earning more than me.

it all boils to your consistancy and focus.




Back to Business,


In my next few words, I would be giving you an eye opening to some secret real online business ideas for beginners like U 🙂




Online Business Ideas For Complete Beginners

If you are looking for a way to make money QUICK, this tutorial is not for you.


I want to show you how I was able to make urgent #100k (Naira) as a beginner online with little knowledge of how the online business work.


Even though I started 2016 as a novice, I learnt everthing myself the hard way.


I spent time on free tutourials such as WikiHow, Google and Youtube searching for all I need to know.

People who were expert that want to teach the Online Business model was charging for money (which I do not have enough).


Google Is Your Friend (GIYF).

Yeah, that is true.


But not with Google Adsense,




Google Adsense is a monetization program that pays content creator to display advertiser ads on their Website, blog, App, Video and More.

You can learn more at Adsense.com


I first started as a blogger on blogspot with this domain name (incomebrain.com.ng) and then move to wordpress self host.


Hope I’m not confusing someone here.


Let me make something clear before I let the cat out of the bag,

there is difference between;

Online Business and Online Job.


Online Business is define as a venture that one start and master, build a brand around it for a long term profit income stream. like starting a company




Online Job can be describe as any work one can do to earn money after job done like writing job, design job and more.


If you are look for a way to start an online business with no money or investment, here are some good online job you can start with No Money.


Online Business in Nigeria is been seen as a non-legitmate business or even those that has even manage to start doubt if it is really trusted.


You can start these online business and start seeing positive result immediately.


VTU Business (Recharge Card Printing And Selling Buiness Online).

Affiliate Marketing Business.

E-Learning Business (Teach Online).

Subscription Business.

Digital Product Selling Business.


online business ideas easy to start


Yes, any of these Online Business Ideas can generate you Recurring Revenue or Income Stream.


it do not to be monthly but is a cash flow sysytem from time to time, day by day.


All you need do is to find a Focus and learn yourself first.


Then, master the Business.


Someone ask me if trading Cryptocurrency is an online business or Not, I do not answer such questions.

However IncomeBrain is yet to verify Cryptocurrency Trading as an Online Business, it is not stable and can not be scaled.


If you are looking for Online Business with No Investment or No Money, then do not start Cryptocurrency trading in Nigeria.


Online Business Without Investment

Blogging is my top recommended Online Business for people who want to start online business with no money and make money 🙂


Suffer go take you shine.


Blog is a micro website just like the one you are reading right now,

You can make money from Blogging through;

  • Google Adsense.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • CPA Affiliate marketing.
  • Direct advertising.
  • Selling Products.
  • Coaching.


There are lots of way, just master your niche and be consistent.


Another is,


Indirect Selling.

This is something like Network Marketing but not a pyramid scheme where you have  to recruit other, what you have to do here is to find hot selling business onlne and get in contact with the direct seller and you find buyers to buy at your price and once they make payment to you, you pay the owner and supply the order.

As time goes on, you might be able to save up to start your own.

You simply need an online presence to get started.



So Far, We have listed 2 Key Online Business Ideas To get started quickly.


We mentioned;


Indirect Selling.


More Would be added.


If you have more you know of, drop your comment below.



How To Start Information Marketing Business With No Money

Information Marketing is simply converting your experience in portable format for users to consume anywhere and from any device, it can be into EBook, Video Course, Audio training or Membership site. You can decide to either sell your expertise or give it out for free.

Taking Information marketing Business is also known as Selling Digital Products, on a long run to scale up your Business you need to have a professional website or blog.

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