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How To Start An Online Business With No Money In 2022

Starting any business requires money as we all know, that is Why many start-up Entrepreneur seek for a Start up Fund (Capital) which has been a major reason some do not start at all.
Here in this article, you are going to see several online business you need Zero Capital funding to start from home and smile to the bank after this pandemic period.

If you have any questions relating to this topic and businesses, do ensure to drop your comment below this post.

The Good News is this: You can keep your Day Job or Business and still do this Online Business!

Before now, many has the believe that it wasn’t possible to make money online or work from home.

Many of us has lot of followers on our social media followers and we are still broke in a time like this were every Business is shifting into the Digital Domain. (Ecosystem).

Work From Home Job in Lagos

Let me list some real online business you need zero capital fund to start but just seriousness and dedications.


You have Build a 6 – 7 figure Business.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Business.
  2. Information Marketing Business.
  3. Content Writing Business (Content Marketing).

These are the few I can mention here but there are lot more which can be found under sub categories of the ones I have mentioned above.

If you want to cover the three businesses I mentioned above, you need to start a blog or Create A Website.

I would try to be brief and also go deep in details telling you how to start these businesses without No Capital or Money.

Do you know what is Affiliate Marketing?

I guess you know little or nothing about it, if you know this business very well then you should take it very serious and become an Authority in your niche, that is the only way to succeed in Online Business.


Since most of your Audience do not know you and scammers everywhere online, the only way for you to Stand out is through becoming an Authority in what you do Online.

Starting Affiliate Marketing Business With No Money

Affiliate Marketing is a type of Performance Base Marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliate for each customer or unique sales brought by affiliate own marketing efforts – As Defined by Wikipedia.

In addition, the affiliate company pays affiliate (referring agent) a percentage or earnings called Commission.

The good thing is that it is done using a referral link or code and strictly Online base business, that is you can take it as a part – time Job or side hustle and still keep your Real World Business or Job.

To give a practical example, Whogohost is a Popular Webhosting company in Africa base in Lagos, Nigeria. Whogohost offer the opportunity for someone to join their affiliate program and it is free both for Registered User or new Affiliate.

People want to see result and proof, you can not sell what you can not buy.

That is why you can test how your affiliate works by buying their products or services

Affiliate Marketing is strictly a referral based business like Network Marketing but done much online.

You do not need money to sign up or join Affiliate programs, Though, most affiliate has a premium membership affiliate program.

The funniest thing, is this thing that you can turn affiliate marketing business into a full time business for yourself.

Next is Information Marketing Business,
Online Marketing and Information Marketing is not the same but we confuse both to be the same.

Let me show you How information Marketing Business is Done..

How To Start Information Marketing Business With No Money

Information Marketing is simply converting your experience in portable format for users to consume anywhere and from any device, it can be into EBook, Video Course, Audio training or Membership site. You can decide to either sell your expertise or give it out for free.

Taking Information marketing Business is also known as Selling Digital Products, on a long run to scale up your Business you need to have a professional website or blog.

The rate of Dollar to Naira is increasing as the day passes and buying from foreign host might be too expensive, that is why I recommend you using Whogohost.

Whogohost even accept all currency like dollars and others.

Every month whogohost give out a promo code to get discount on specific products you can check that for this month by visiting promos.whogohost.com

You can get a website for just less than ₦500 if you act smart using coupon codes. Lol.

Keynote: Find your Niche (Path), learn from mentors, experts and become an Authority.

You can turn your valuable experience into profitable business venture online.

It is done online, you do not need to quit your day job until you start earning your full time income X2 before you can decide to quit your full time job.

That would bring us to the last phase of this tutorial class, you can also tap into the opportunity of Writing if you are good in creating great content.

How To Start Content Writing Business With No Money

Everything you see online are the sole proprietor of Content, are you surprise.

From Wikipedia to YouTube and others.

In the digital world, content is the King and more valuable than money.

Let me explain, if users do not get value from what they pay for online like for a membership class or training, they would not pay the second time.

But if they got valuable content after paying, they would willing refer others to come sign up.

This is what Big Brand knows and are looking for Content Creator/Writers.

You can become an highly paid writer, if you know how to craft great content (copy) that sell.

It is something like copywriting but copywriting is an advance stage (Not for learners).


Content Writing is creating quality content and exchanging it for money, that’s a kind of big task for some bloggers and site owners that are not good in English Language and creative writing.


You do not need any start up Capital for this and can Build an Agency doing this Business of writing, All you need is to learn communication skill and simple English.

You can buy a good laptop or smartphone.

How Do You Make Money Writing or Creating Content Online?

Many Popular Website and Blog Owners are too busy to keep updating their site with fresh contents and even some Popular YouTubers do not know the next video script to shoot. They are willing to pay to get that content as theirs provided it what their audience need.

You would work as a GhostWriter for them, that is your identity is hidden, no credit or would your name be mentioned expect the publisher agree to promote your brand on his platform.

You can work from anywhere and send it to them online.

Okay, I know you would ask were can I find those willing to pay for my content.

There are site that bridges the gap between you and them and you would be general called Freelancer.

Here are popular site to get daily contract, you may know some or you might be hearing of it for the first time here.

Upwork. etc.

If you want to start your own Digital Agency, you can think of Owning your own website were people can easily contact you and see your portfolio and pass work.

Do you want to get started, would you like to create your own website or Blog?

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Thank you for reading,
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