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PayPal Alternatives 2023: Create PayPal That Send And Receive Money In Nigeria Online

Paypal just hate Nigerian Business Online, that is we our Naija Account can not Receive and Send money expect to use it to buy things from Foreign website. 😭

I can not do Affiliate Marketing for Foreign Website that would pay me with PayPal because the money would be more than not having money at all….


PayPal Nigeria

Are you a Blogger, Internet Morgan, Online Entrepreneur or you just sell things online and want to get paid online, no worries.

Today, I am going to show you PayPal Alternatives that you can use to Send & Receive Money in Nigeria without buying foreign number or reading eBooks to learn how to create your account.

PayPal Alternatives For Nigeria

PayPal is one of the biggest online payment gateway and accepted internationally (globally), it enables one to create a free account either for Business or Personal Account.

Uses Of A PayPal Account:

#1: PayPal Personal Account is use to Make Payment Online.

#2: PayPal Business Account is use to Accept Payment Online.

These are the two primary  uses of An Active PayPal Account, now the bitter truth is that;

Most Affiliate Marketing Programs uses PayPal to pay their Affiliates Automatically.

Fact: Nigerian PayPal Account Can Receive Payment But Can Not Withdraw.

You can only use it to make payment on other websites online.

However, if you were you are an internet marketer in Nigeria  like me that sell digital products online, PayPal is not for you.

What Then Can We Use To Receive Money From Customers Online?

Here in this post, I am going to list Top trusted Online payment gateway you can use to accept money online if you are doing any of these 3 Online Business In Nigeria:

* Affiliate Marketing Online.

* Selling Online.

* Teaching Online.

List Of All PayPal Alternative For Nigerians That Send And Receive Money Online

Here are more than 30 PayPal Alternatives:





Google Pay.











Amazon Pay.






Shopify Payments.




Merchant Inc.



Direct Bank Deposit or Transfer.

Hey Friend, you can do research on individual list here and learn more from their official website. I would only Explain more on my top 3 method that I am using, they are Paystack, Bank Transfer, Payoneer.

#1: Paystack:- 

Paystack is now common and very popular in Africa as a trusted Payment gateway for online payment, Subscription billing and E-commerce payment.

It allows merchant to integrate it API into their website to collect money on their behalf from customers and transfer the money to the merchant account within 48hrs Automatically.

Transfer charges are deducted from merchant account but it also have an advance way to transfer charges to customers on check out pages.

Paystack is Free to create an Account but charges 1.5% per transaction.

You can learn more about Paystack from their official website.

website: www.paystack.com

#2: Bank Payment or Transfer:-

You must have been used to this payment method right from day 1, let me still tell you more sha.

If you are up to 18 years old in Nigeria,  you can go and create an Account in any bank in Nigeria like FirstBank of Nigeria, GTBank, Access Bank or Zenith Bank and start using this method to receive money to your Nigeria Bank Account.

It is free to set up, you will need to get an ATM card to enable you receive alert of payment. Get a MasterCard or Visa card in case you want to also pay for other stuff online.

#3: Payoneer:-

Payoneer is an international supported payment gateway for online payment and receiving of Money from Merchant website like Upwork,  Fiverr and others.

Creating A Payoneer Account is Free (Globally)

To learn more about Payoneer,  visit their official website.

website: www.payoneer.com

Next,  If you have your questions about what you have just read,  please drop it at the comment section and I would gladly  answer you.

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My Next post would be fully on:

How To Create A Paystack Account In Nigeria

How To Create A Payoneer Account For Free

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