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How To Use UberSuggest Tool To Get More Backlinks To Your Site For Free

Backlink is what determines your site SEO Ranking Position and Page, which it would appear on Search Engine like Google or Bing.
If you blog from Nigeria, you can use ubersuggest alternative in Nigeria.
Ubersuggest Backlink Checker tool that will improve your SEO


How Does Backlink Affect Your SEO Ranking Position

Do you know what is a Backlink in SEO and how to do link building for a website or blog?

If No is your answer, do not worry and just try to know the basics and practice to become Perfect.

Do not look at site that has stayed up to 5-10 years if you are just starting out, it would discourage you from your goal.

Talking about your competitors who has stayed up to 5-10 years, here in this post I am going to teach you how to use site linking to them to increase your backlink in one step..

But first let’s get to know what is Backlink and does it affect your SEO Ranking in Search Engine like the importance and all you know to know about link building.

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Backlink is defined as the connection of a webpage from Another website.


Furthermore, if we want to explain what is backlink and importance of getting backlinks from other websites or blogs, we would first see examples of how backlink works.

Let say, I own EbubeJames.org.ng and I wrote a blog post article relating to business start up and IncomeBrain.com.ng Editorial team found it useful and decide to link back to it in any of their post that is called Backlink.

Only use the above illustration as an Example for Backlink Explanation but it mainly involves two different site.

Next, you would want to know the importance of Banklink to a site.

One of the major importance of Backlink is Search Engine use it to score your PA (Page Authority), but Backlink is not everything that guarantee you to rank #1 on Search Engine.

There are other hidden things Crawler bot look at, one of them is  Engagement on your site.

But that would be a post for another day.

As a new online content creator (Blogger), you might not be popular for other Authority site with 70 – 100 Domain score to link back to you to get the ranking post you want but here is a tactics I used to get them to link back to me.

I use Ubersuggest Keyword Research Tool + Backlink Checker!

Is Ubersuggest a plugin?  No.


What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is a keyword tool website app that was Acquired by Neil Patel in February 13, 2017.

This tool is Super Awesome!

Guess what? 🙄

😏 Every tools and features popular Paid  Keyword tool has is free on Ubersuggest tool.

Neil Patel is Crazy….

… I think he has a plan, Nothing good can be free forever.

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But, I took my time and study how to use this tool to reach my SEO Ranking Peak and now my blog IncomeBrain is shouting on top Search Engines in Nigeria for various keywords like VTU Business, VTU Business Registration, NNUForum, RechargeAndGetPaid, RAGP, TopupandEarn, Salary4life, VTU Business E-wallet funding, Whogohost Promo Code, Blogging in Nigeria. And many more.

All this online marketing/business keywords has really changed the game for me and I am still Experimenting my SEO skill that I learnt from the SEO God himself Brian Dean founder of Backlinko, and other SEO expert.

Good SEO Brings in Free Traffic To Your Website/blog.

Bad SEO makes you Spend More on Paid Ads.

I do not say paid ads is a bad thing, We run ads for our Network Program Almost Every Month on Facebook and other popular site.

This Secret I am about to show you could have been paid SEO Masterclass but I would share it at no cost.

Do you want to learn this Secret?

Leave your comment and I would get back to you,  it would not be in a whatsapp group.  Neither Facebook.

Were, Online.

Cost – Free.

All I need is for you to join IncomeBrain Network – Registration is totally free Forever life.


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