September 25, 2022
extraalert review

Have you been looking for a legit and true extraAlert review or how it works? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to explain everything you need to know about extraAlert platform.


This includes how it works, is it legit or a scam, and it is packages, registration, and everything you need to know about the platform.

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What is extraAlert all about?


ExtraAlert is an online platform that allows people to make money online by completing simple tasks. There are different types of tasks available on the platform, you can choose any of those tasks and complete them, and then you will earn money in return. And this platform can be accessed with various devices like android, tablets, ios, desktops, and others.


This platform has been recently categorized among the best-earning sites online. However, there is no skill required to join the platform.


Is extraAlert a scam or legit? (ExtraAlert review)


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ExtraAlert is a new innovated platform with very awesome and promising features to enable users to make cool cash online, but the question “are they really paying” I guess that’s why you are reading this article.

After various researches by our research team, we found no red flags or fraudulent activities on the platform at this moment. But if there is any, in the long run, we will notify you by updating this article as soon as possible.

There are some similar platforms that are currently paying, you can check them below:

How to make money on extraAlert


There are many means to make money on extraAlert platform. Below are all seven (7) means you can use to make money on extraAlert.

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  1. Facebook


This platform allows you to post on your Facebook wall, invite your friends to your page, join groups, like, love and unlike posts, share posts, etc. you will earn some amount of money for each of those tasks you perform on Facebook


  1. Instagram


Instagram is another means to earn from extraAlert, you will earn by following people and liking pictures.


  1. Whatsapp


Getting paid for advertising extraAlert products on your Whatsapp status and profile pic is another means to earn from the platform.


  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another means to earn on extraAlert. You will get paid for performing some simple tasks on LinkedIn such as endorsement, follow, etc.


  1. YouTube

ExtraAlert also allows earning by watching their YouTube videos, subscribing to the recommended channels etc.


  1. Twitter


For every tweet, retweet, like, share, and follow done on Twitter, you will get paid for it.


  1. Telegram


You will also get paid for being member of various extraAlert telegram communities.


ExtraAlert packages


In extraAlert, there are six (6) different packages that allow you to earn on the platform. Below are those six packages and how much you can earn from each package:


Level 1 (first package)

The subscription fee: N1,500

Business volume (BV): 10

Referral commission: N300

Commission to tree: N30

Daily ad limit: 2


Level 2 (second package)


The subscription fee: N3,000

Business volume (BV): 10

Referral commission: N450

Commission to tree: N30

Daily ad limit: 4


Level 3 (third package)


The subscription fee: N4,500

Business volume (BV): 10

Referral commission: N600

Commission to tree: N30

Daily ad limit: 6


Level 4 (forth package)


The subscription fee: N6,000

Business volume (BV): 10

Referral commission: N750

Commission to tree: N30

Daily ad limit: 8


Level 5 (fifth package)


The subscription fee: N7,500

Business volume (BV): 10

Referral commission: N900

Commission to tree: N30

Daily ad limit: 10


Level 6 (last level)


The subscription fee: N6,000

Business volume (BV): 10

Referral commission: N1,200

Commission to tree: N30

Daily ad limit: 12


How to fund your wallet on extraAlert


There are different ways to fund your wallet on extraAlert which are explained below:

You can fund your wallet by using a voucher, or eDeposite payment option.


To fund your wallet using a voucher, you can simply purchase a coupon code from an online registered vendor, input the voucher amount, and input the code in the space provided.


And for the eDeposite cryptocurrency payment option, simply make a transfer using peer to peer feature on your eDeposite wallet to the public address provided.

Then upload the screenshot of the transaction receipt as proof of payment so they can fund your wallet.


How to withdraw on extraAlert platform


ExtraAlert earnings are calculated in Nigeria Naira, and they will be paid into your extraAlert wallet. From there you can withdraw to your bank account or to your cryptocurrency wallet.

However, your withdrawal request may be rejected if the user didn’t perform the said tasks or go against their terms and conditions.

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Does extraAlert pay without referral?


The answer is yes, you can get paid on extraAlert without a single referral. Though, to earn more and faster, you will need to refer people to the platform. Referring will also allow you to have access to more tasks and also earn a commission whenever your downline withdraws…


ExtraAlert registration


To register or become a member on extraAlert, you will have to get a coupon code for account activation. You can buy coupons for any package you want.


Click here to register


ExtraAlert website


ExtraAlert website is

You can perform any tasks on the extraAlert website; so far you’re a registered member on the platform.



Conclusion of ExtraAlert review: legit or scam and how it works.

ExtraAlert gives you an opportunity to earn an extra income easily online. This is recommended for students and people looking for a way to earn extra income online.

Moreover, we hope you found this article useful, if you do, please drop a positive comment in the comment section and share it with your friends on social media.

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