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Opay Agent: Other Method To Make Money As An Opay Agent

If you are looking for other method to make money as an Opay Agent in Nigeria, aside Opay commission.

There are other ways to start making money from your POS Business

Other Methods To Make Money As An Opay Agent in Nigeria

Are you an Opay Agent in Nigeria and you think it is time to take your POS Business to the next level, I guess you already have all POS Business Requirement like Business Name etc.

Quickly, I would be realistic here and show you other actionable Method to make money as an Opay Agent aside your Daily Opay Commission.

Well, Opay POS Business is just like VTU Business just that it enable bank transfer some VTU Business do not do.

If you are not an Opay Agent, See How To Make 5,000 Daily with Opay.

Back to Business here.

I promise not to take much time.

Other Ways To Make Money As An Opay Agent:

  • Start Your Own VTU Website.
  • Start A Blog.
  • Sell Electronics in your Opay Shop (Outlet).
  • Start An Ecommerce Website.
  • Sell Other Physical Products Such as Gadgets and Accessories in Your Shop.

If any of this method is confusing to you, let me just do a brief explanation to you would be able to get better understanding of other ways to make money as an Opay Agent.

Start Your Own VTU Website:

VTU = Virtual Top Up, is a direct method of recharging or renewing Telecom Subscriptions, Electricity Bill and Selling of Data and Airtime Online with physical paper work.

Though POS Business and VTU Business are similar but VTU has more advantage compare to POS Business,

VTU Business is easy to start with any capital but POS Business has a very restricted procedure to step.

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POS transaction can only be done at a POS terminal but VTU transaction can be done from anywhere, anytime.

POS Business is highly risky because you carry money around but in VTU Business, you just need to fund your eWallet.

Having a VTU Website gives you more opportunity to earn more revenue, like having a blog for the website you can apply for Google Adsense and Affiliate Programs to increase your income source.

Do you want to know more about VTU Business, go to VTUscript.com and take our free beginner’s guide.

Start A Blog:

A Blog is not new term but if total is your first day of hearing it, Google is your friend.

You can research about blogging and start a blog base on your passion and use some method I mentioned above to make money as well.

Like; Google Adsense, Affiliate Program and other Monetization Method Available in your Country.

I would wrap up thing in my next line but I just want you to get the gist here, if time permit I would update this post article again with more useful Tips.

Sell Electronics & Tech Gadget products:

This section is simple, since you have a physical shop.

Just start a business out of it by buying hot in demand tech products and add to your business, sell genuine and quality products.

Promote your Business and make more Money.

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