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100% Legit Online Business In Nigeria That Pays In Dollar (To Your Bank)

Seeing the way the devaluation of Naira to Dollar ($1 = N560), you would want to get paid with Dollar in Nigeria. If you are serious about making money in Dollar, consider starting any of this Legit Online Business In Nigeria That Pays In Dollar (To Your Bank) that can make you money without Capital and start right now….

Here are my top three (3) profitable online business to start making million of dollar doing:

  1. Start Teaching Online.
  2. Start Selling Online.
  3. Start Affiliate Marketing.

I am going to show you how to do this with videos, pictures and examples, so you don’t get bored reading long post. Then, you can ask your questions at the comment section below or suggestion of other that has worked for you.

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Income Disclaimer: You are likely not to make any income doing any of this businesses, if you do it the wrong way. See our income disclaimer for more.

3 Paying Work From Home Online Business or Job

How To Start Legitimate Online Business From Home (Video Tutorials)

These three (3) Online Businesses are the most profitable online business to get rich quick and fast.

#1: Start Teaching Online:

This Business model may not be for everyone but for those that can or has something to teach would take this opportunity with all their mind and resources, it would come as a passion to some but when you take it as a business you would make million doing it. How actually do other make money from this teaching business online: selling courses, digital download like e-book, handout, e-work book, software, training program, membership subscriptions, one on one coaching, events, public speaking, review and recommendation of other people products, mobile application. etc.

There are other ways to teach online like using other social media platforms like whatsapp group, telegram, YouTube, wordpress – self hosted. online school like udemy, udacity, teachable, thinikific and many more etc. See our comprehensive of post of how to start teach online and make money.

Watch the video on: How To Start Teaching Online

#2: Start Selling Digital Products Online (E-Commerce Business): 

Make instant profit from what you sell and you can continue selling one product to different customers if it is a digital product without buy or creating any new product again.
this is superb.
You can start selling your own products online or other people’s product, with that you can create an e-commerce website or a mini  online shop with an e-commerce system like: Woo-Commerce, Big Commerce, Shopify, Amazon, Alibaba, Jumia and other ecommerce plugins.
The Problem is finding a good and profitable niche to start and have the right problem solving products to offer to them to make money.
Be mindful of the product you sell online and it copyright, do not sell untrusted product from anyone no matter how much they promise to pay.
Good, selling online you need reputation. Before someone can give you his or her credit card detail and make payment for anything they have to trust you, try building trust online and you can not build trust selling sub-standard product.

When you have gain that trust and reputation, do not loose it to any one that promise to pay high commission or your product you do not trust 100%. Make your product do the advertisement of you to them over and over again. When you sell standard product that work, people would help you in publicity using the “word of the mouth” marketing strategy to tell others about your store and it products.

How To Start with Little Or No Capital and Grow Big:

Step 1: Find An High Demand Product.
Step 2: Gather Enough Information About the Product and Problem People Face before they Buy the Product.
Step3: Create an online store, you can start with a facebook page or other above mentioned e-commerce system to start selling online and collecting money.
Step 4: Make it easy for people (customer) to make payment with just two click. Like ‘add to cart‘ button, ‘place order‘ button.
Step 5: Make Delivery Process extremely simple and comfortable for both you and the customer.
Note: In Ecommerce Business, we have three major secure and safe method of payment system I strongly recommend in Nigeria; Pay with Card, Cash On Delivery, Bank Deposit or Transfer. Cheque is very risky (Beware of Fake Cheque).
The quantity you are able to sell would determine your profit and success in ecomnerce business.
Watch This Video On: How To Start E- Commerce Business
Another Video: What is Drop Shipping?
Lastly, 🤑🤑

#3: Start Affiliate Marketing Business:

The Business Without Stress & Suffer!.(Just copy referral link and start Promoting)
Yes, you heard that clearly. As simple as that.
Affiliate Marketing is the most simplex of them all but the most difficult one. how, now when someone is looking for a product and you an affiliate of any company that produce it, you can just copy your affiliate link and share to them and earn commission when they buy, Simple.
But, if you want to take it as a business.
It is not as easy as spelling the word, AFFILIATE. you have to work first and start making free recurring income from the business later.

How Late Is Too Late To Start Making Money from Affiliate Marketing?

Like I said, you start affiliate marketing by just recommending other people and make quick money when they make purchase but, if you want to make it a business you have to understand and master the marketing strategy behind it.
Let me quickly show you how.(?)


Big Grammer !! 🙄

Defination of Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is an online system of selling products and services  to people using a unquic referral link from an affiliate program offered by e-commerce website or individuals to sell more of their products and earn commission (profit) when a sale is made using your referral link or code to make a purchase on your affiliate website.

Terms use in Affiliate marketing and defination:

  • Affiliate (Affiliate Marketer): is the person that recieve commission for a sale made with his/her referral link.
  • Affiate Program: A system set up to pay affiliate when they make a sale and also track referral link, generate referral link, manage affiliate marketing.
  • Commission: Money paid to affiliate for a sale made.
  • Affiliate website: The Website of the company hosting the affiliate program.
  • Affiliate Link: a website address of an affiliate used to track sales and visit of a client or customer.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Business Successfully

This part is where you should pay more attention to, if you want to make million dollar from your affiliate marketing business today.
The first time I tried affiliate marketing I made $65 for 1 refferral, the following year December the affiliate increased their commission for 1 referral to $100.
This is crazy 🎅👏
After recieving that mail from them on their increasement, I pick up my electronic calculator and multiply.
Let say I was able to refer 100 paying client to them.
$100 (commission) X 100 (referral) = $10,000
I live in Nigeria, my country currency is in naira (₦).
$1 = ₦364.22
$10,000 = ₦3,642,200
Almost ₦3.6Million naira.
If I can get this referral in 1 month, my income for that month is ₦3million naira.
Let say I use ₦642,200 for expenses and advert (publicity).
Ok, Let me assume it is consist for 12 months.
₦3Million X 12(months) = ₦36,000,000
My Calculator almost crash 😬🔥🔥
Which full – time job can pay this amount to me as an SSCE student in 12 months And I have been blogging since 2016.
I Should tell you the hard truth!
It did not happen over night, also it would not happen to you over night.
You have to Work hard.
But, you can only work harder when you know what to do.What if you don’t know what you are doing.
Or else You will Suffer
Here is a video of how one of my mentor made it in the affiliate marketing business.
Watch This Video Right Now ↙️⬇️
You would be amazed!
Hey, This Online Business Model is NOT for YOU, if you can’t be
And Persuative.
It won’t end there, you have to have good marketing strategy to back it up like a machine gun.
Please don’t shoot me. 🤗
Please don’t shoot me.!!!🤕😭
Affiliate Marketing is not different from any other type of successful online business.
Frequently asked question
A: Yes.
Q: Can I Do Affiliate Marketing Business Part – time?
A: Yes
Q: Please, give me some list of profitable affiliate marketing program that pays high in commission?
A: Search on Google, Join the ones you have make good research on or read our comprehensive guide on Affiliate Marketing Business Today.
Summary & Conclusion
We have discuss on 3 Stay At Home Legit Online Business with a complete Video tutorial and examples of case study that has made it through these businesses.
We talked on;
– Teaching Online Business.
– Selling Online Business.
– Affiliate Marketing Business.
These 3 businesses is the only online business that are geniue and legitmate according to IncomeBrain in 2020.
Two Simple Request From Us.
Comment And Share:
If you would have some thing to add to what I have said or your thought, please write us a comment here.
In these 3 businesses, if you have tried any one of them, tell us your experience in it.
If you are new online, tell us the one you would like to start.
You can do the three at the same time, yes.
Share this post to your friends online.
Please add a comment in the comment section here.

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