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[Video Tutorial]: How To Use Whatsapp Group To Teach Online And Collect Money With Your SmartPhone

The Popularity of Social Media (like: Whatsapp) is an opportunity anyone can tap from to make more money today, from the comfort of your home (bedroom) and Internet connection + Bank Account Number to receive money.

But the major problem is ‘How To Start?‘ and ‘What Would You Need To Start?‘ here in this article, we are going to show you how to start and what you would need to start making money form social media like whatsapp, facebook and youtube for free (zero capital).
how to make money with smartphone and whatsapp for free

What You Would Need To Start Whatsapp For Business (Make Money From Whatsapp) -According To IncomeBrain:

  1. Smart Phone (Required).*
  2. Laptop (Optional).
  3. Microphone (Required).*
  4. Light (Required).*
  5. Tripod (Required)*
  6. Video Editing App/Software (Optional).
  7. Content (Required)*
  8. Camera – HD Video Recording (Optional).
  9. Personal Assistant – 1 or 2 other persons (Optional).
  10. Internet Connection/ Wi-Fi (Required).*
  11. Speaker (Optional).
  12. Screen cast software (optional).

    How To Start Making Money Using Whatsapp Group:

    You can do it in these simple ways; Video, Audio, PDF File, Doc, Chatting, Q&A.
    Video And Audio Can Take This Setting:

    While Other Method can be done through digital download or uploading of file to the group, you can also use this material to teach and make money with facebook group too.
    The whole process and training would be worth the amount you want to charge, if you know how to create awesome videos like a pro.
    That is why IncomeBrain.com.ng would love you to watch this video from a video editing expert called Justin Brown (Video made 3 years ago).
    After the Video, we would show you the Next Step.
    Ok, What Next?
    Have you fully understand that video.👆🖕
    If Yes, Let’s continue with this secret you are unlocking on how to make $$$ with Social Media Group. (Don’t Anyone this secret, just share this post link with them). They may think you have gone crazy or insane.
    Do you have a Bank Account of your own?
    You need one for this purpose dear, go open a savings account right now. 🏃🏃🏃
    Let skip that for now….

    What Do You Want To Teach Online

    How To Cook, Skill Aquisation, How To Make Up Professionally, How To Cave an Eye Brown, How To Do SEO Like A Pro, How To Start An Online Business. etc.
    Whatever you would like to teach online, you can use this strategy I am about to show you to make it fast. Are you ready!
    After creating series of awesome video of what you would like to teach online, it is time to market it and make more money like _____.
    First Bold Step: Create A Whatsapp Group.
    (let assume you have a simple personal whatsapp account)
    Click on “New Group” and fill the neccessary information on the next page.
    Like this;

     You need 1 or 2 persons to create a group, so add just 1 person if it is a paid group.
    Next fill group name and profile picture.

    Step 2: Edit the Group Setting (Very Important).
    Do not make the mistake I made in my early year on, everyone on the group had access to the group setting and you know what after my group reached 200+ member, someone kick me out (I am the founding admin of the group to start with).
    Please, quickly edit the group setting before you add more new members or participant.
    Change who have access to message the group to only admin to avoid spam messages from others

    Step 3: Copy Group Invite Link.

    By just sharing the group invite would not make you money, no matter how useful and creative your video(s) is/are.
    It is the marketing strategy I am going to show you here that actually make the money. 

    Step 4: Make a Converting Marketing Strategy (from my example I am going to show you right now, right here).

    Watch this:
    Content do not bring money, participant bring the money.
    Participant would pay when the content is going to be worth it  and they can tell from it marketing strategy.

    Main Point Here

    Just follow me!
    After all set are done, it is time to market your training class.
    See you can do this with paid advert with facebook ads, google ads and also for free. If you have read our article on How To Teach Online and Make Money you would see I mention whatsapp business in Social Platform section in the post. Teaching Online is the easiest way to make quick money online.
    What Marketing Strategy/ Techniques Do You Need.

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