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How hawkit works – hawkit review (legit or scam)

You may want to register on hawkit.ng but don’t know how hawkit works. So, to free you from registering on a platform you don’t know much or nothing about, I decided to show you everything you need to know about hawkit platform.


After reading this post, you will know whether to register on the platform or not, scam or legit. Everything will be explained in this post.


Though, this post is about hawkit review and how hawkit works, it won’t sound good if I started telling you that hawkit is legit or a scam without telling you what hawkit is.


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What is hawkit?


Hawkit.ng is a social platform that allows people to make money online by performing simple social tasks, such as commenting on posts, liking posts, sharing posts, retweeting, and posting adverts on your social media accounts.


Another amazing thing about hawkit.ng is that you can use it to boost your social media accounts. This platform allows you to drive traffic to your social media account which will result in getting more likes, shares, and many more on your social media page.



How does hawkit works?


Before you can start performing tasks on hawkit.ng, you must activate your account with a time fee of 1,000 naira.  Then, you can be able to perform simple tasks and earn cool cash in return.


Those tasks include liking, commenting, sharing, retweeting, and posting adverts on your social media page. Not just that, there are many benefits of registering on hawkit which are explained below;


Airtime/data business

This platform allows you to purchase airtime or data and resell it to your friends, family, or everybody. You will earn 3% – 10% for every airtime or data you resell.


Boost your social media page

With this platform, you can get real social media followers, likes, comments, views, and good reviews on your page.


Buying or selling things on hawkit

One of the interesting parts about this platform is that it allows users to buy or sell anything on the platform.

If you are a product owner struggling to get more sales or increase your sales, then you need to give hawkit a trial.


Refer and earn


Hawkit platform also allows affiliate programs. And this affiliate program allows earning 500 Naira per every individual you invited.

You will also earn a 20% commission on every transaction carried out by your referral.


Play store/apple store app review

Another way to earn from hawkit is by reviewing playstore apps. You will earn N30 for every review.

And for apple store apps, you will earn N60 for every review, and the more you review, the more you earn


Whatsapp status


You can also earn hawkit.ng by sharing posts to your Whatsapp status. You will earn N20 per status you post.


Comment, share, like, subscribe and retweet


The simplest and easiest way to earn on hawkit.ng is by commenting, liking, and tweeting. You know how easy those tasks are, yet hawkit is paying absolutely for each of them.


  • Commenting = N15 per comment
  • Sharing = N10 for every Facebook post share
  • Liking/following = N3 for every like or follow any listed pages
  • Retweeting = N10 for every tweeter retweet through hawkit platform
  • Subscribing = N30 for subscribing to YouTube channel


Is hawkit legit?


Hawkit.ng is a newly innovated platform, it will be very difficult to know whether it is legit or not.

My advice for every individual trying to join the platform is “invest what you can afford to lose” incase if it turns out to be fake.


Is hawkit scam?


As a newly launched platform, we are unable to know whether hawkit.ng is a scam or not. There is nothing we can suggest currently.

Though, we will continue with our research and update this post as soon as we find out everything we need to know.


Who is hawkit ng owner?


Hawkit ng owner is not known to the public currently.


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Hawkit registration/sign up


To sign up on hawkit platform, you will need to follow the below 5 simple steps;

  1. Visit hawkit.ng
  2. Click on register button
  3. Input your correct details. Name, email, and others
  4. Verify your email address through OTP
  5. Activate your account with a one-time fee of 1000 Naira


Hawkit login


To login on hawkit.ng, simply visit the site and click on the login button, then input your username and password.


Hawkit minimum withdrawal


Hawkit minimum withdrawal is just N100, and you can withdraw it anytime directly to your bank account. However, it often takes 12 – 24 for the money to show on your account.






Thanks for reading our article on how hawkit works and hawkit review. We hope you found this post useful.


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