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NNU Income Forum Account: What is the Difference Between NNU.ng and NNUForum Version 2.0 in Nigeria

NNUForum version 2.0 is the latest version of NNU Income Program (N. I. P)  and was launched in the year 201_ by Paul Samson, active owner of NNU.ng and other popular refer and earn programs in Nigeria.

His vision was to share revenue generated from the website with every registered member so as to encourage more people to use the internet and social media platforms for profit other than just for fun, currently NNU.ng is no longer paying out because of the new release of NNU version 2.0 and has the large number of members compare to other get paid to read news online program in Nigeria.

To Register for NNU.ng is with a registration one time fee of ₦1,600 and you earn from your daily activities while NNUForum Version 2.0 in Nigeria now is ₦1,400 for N.I.P and other E-books or products they sell to anyone who wants to become a registered  NNUForum member.

In this post article, you would know what is the clear difference between NNU.ng and NNU Version 2.0 and how it works.

Definite Guide: What is NNUForum Income Program (Version 2.0) All About

Do you think that NNU Income Program is a SCAM or an eye opening opportunity for Nigerians to know that you are supposed to be earning a share with site owners as a regular reader of their contents.

NNU Forum Version 2 and NNU.ng

Quickly, let me disclose my disclaimer of this program.


I/We hereby announce that IncomeBrain Network is not responsible for any misunderstanding you or others have encountered with this platform either in the past or later in the future. As an MMO (Make Money Online) blog, we share tips and tutorials to earn money online but we do not intend to promote any get rich quick scheme program. Note: Please, read our terms and conditions of use before signing up for any of the businesses we introduce here on this platform. Your Privacy Policy is our major concern. 

With that in mind, let me tell you more about what NNUForum is all about:

Before you join any program online, it is important for you to know

How NNU Forum Income Program works,

How To Create A NNUForum Account,

How To Make Money On NNU Forum,

How To Withdraw Your Money (Earnings) From NNU Forum Version 2.0.

That I would cover here in this post.

NNU Forum is just like Nairaland Forum and to create an account is as easy as you created your Facebook or WhatsApp account.

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What You Would Need To Create A NNUForum Account And Get Approved Fast.

  1. Full Name (First Name, Last Name).
  2. Email Address.
  3. Gender. 
  4. Password.
  5. Phone Number.
  6. Facebook Profile. 
  7. Address.
  8. State. 
  9. City. 
  10. Country.
  11. Bio Information. 
  12. Date Of Birth (Month, Year, Day).
  13. Website (Optional).
  14. Profile Picture.

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If you have all it takes to get a NNU Forum Account, It is time to create your account.

👉 Create A NNUForum Account Now >>>

How To Make More Money With NNU Forum Version 2.0 And Withdraw To Your Nigeria Bank Account

Yes, you asked the right questions ????

It is not just to create a nnu forum account and earn some Nairas and it can’t be withdrawn to your bank account instantly.

That would bring us to a section, were I would show you how you can make money from NNU Forum and withdraw the money to your bank in less than 24hrs.

How To Make ₦50,000 Monthly With NNU Forum Account With Proof

🛑 Before I continue, let me let you know that there is no guarantee that you would actually make the above mentioned income figure but there is every tendency that you would make money after joining the forum and playing by the rules of the game.

Are you good in referring others to join your team?
Because that is where the real big money is and fast track to make it in this NNU Income Program in Nigeria.

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Let me tell more on how you earn money in NNUforum version 2.0

NNUForum - Make Money Reading News in Nigeria
NNUForum Version 2.0

+ Referring Program – Affiliate.
+ Daily Login.
+ Relevant Comment.
+ Posting Topics.
+ Pay Per View Topic.
+ Pay Per Sharing Viral Post on Social Media.
+ E-pin Distributor.

You see that NNUforum version 2.0 has more earning opportunity that NNU.ng, if not the same.

NNUForum Version 2.0

👉 Create A NNUForum Account Now >>>

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