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How To Own A Blog Without Paying For Webhosting And Still Make Money $$$

Someone asked me,
“Sir, How much would it cost me to own a blog in Nigeria”.

I was not in hurry to just give her any answer and I tried to ensure she understood the concept “Blogging” and after asking her some few questions and explaining briefly what it takes to become a blogger, I refer back to her question and made every aspect cleared to her on how to start blogging the right way in this overcrowded space online in Nigeria today, And I also decide to make it a blog post for my followers of this blog to also learn and benefit from this article like her.

So,  if you are like her asking the same question and you are yet to create your own blog. Open your mind and listening ear or reading brain to fully understand and make a better choice of starting your first blog.

As a blogger beginner,

making money should not be your first step X.

However, I would not say much about making money from your blog here in this post and I would teach you the exact step by step method I created 5 blogs without paying a dollar for Webhosting.

Steps to start a profitable blog

Many Nigerians today just create their first blog and after 3 – 4 weeks they start placing annoying ads on their site, they really do not understand the full physiology of blogging and they just want to achieve quick success within a short period of time.


I started blogging November 2016 on a free host and I did what every hungry Nigerian Blogger will do instead of learning how blogging works or master the art of blogging, I wrote few blog post and started applying every money making methods on my blog. 2017 almost every blog money making system (method) I applied failed me.

Let me tell you what most we Nigerian start blogging, we start reading about blogging from the back of the textbook to the front page instead of starting from preface page.

The Blogosphere is overcrowded to give you space for Nonsense and nasty act to make quick money blogging, I never said making money blogging was a bad thing but learn everything step by step and how it works would help you both Now and in future time.

Here is how the life cycle of a profitable blog goes,

Blog Goal => Blog Creation => Settings => Adding Pages => Adding Great Content => Growing Readership (fellowers) => Give Great Values => Profiting from your blog => Becoming a Popular Blogger.

Also, you need someone who has the technical know how about your Niche to succeed. Find your niche peers and connect and network with them.

After creating your blog, I would advice you go learn SEO and other traffic mastery that would help you improve and bring lot of views to your blog.

I have a private video, I want you to watch to learn more about what blogging really means and how do bloggers make money from their blog from day 1.

On my official YouTube Channel, I made a video that I featured of of my mentor podcast about blogging and the blog post was over on google for the keyword ” Yaro Starak Video With Ebube James” and I would like you to take a look at the video also.

After this video, you might have know the basic fundamentals aspect of blogging and been a blogger.

The Blogging Business Niche is not that easy or too difficult but you would love it if you know what you are really blogging about.

If you want to know mistake I made and how I made corrections to them that has helped my blogging career today, check out this article I wrote on common mistakes new bloggers make when starting a profitable blog Business.

Now, you may just want to know if there is really money in Blogging because someone have as me this before;  Is Blogging a Profitable Business To Start? So he can know if he should invest more in it.

Blogging is the #1 Online Smartphone Business that anyone can start doing today and make it big in Business because blogging is a kind of marketing tool that boost the awareness of the blogger.

It is better after creating your blog, you should know how to write a good blog post, is not just by writing any post on your blog but a post that Google would love and rank well. Here is 2 useful post from Brian that you can learn how to write a captivating blog post that readers would love and how to do On Page SEO for your blog post to rank on first page on search engine like Google and Bing.

Talking about your blog post to show up on top search engine should be a major concern for you because traffic (views)  from search engine are free and makes your blogging career better for you, there are other things that would make your blog post to be on first page when user search for your target keywords, some of the factors are CND and DNS which I would explain as Answer Near Me (ANM).

Answer near me first, is one of the secret that some content creator do not know about SEO.

I mean it, Search Engine like Google would want to show the best results to user for any given query (questions) and they think that answer from that user country is best to be shown first to user then other index site with that keyword follow.

For example;

if a user search on Google for “University Cut-off Marks”
Search Engine would want to use the location to answer the user thereby bringing crawled and index site in that country that target that keyword.
Let say the Search User lives in Nigeria, results like;
University Cut-Off Marks For Nigeria Institutions,
Unilag Cut-Off Mark (Year),
Uniben Cut off Mark (year),
Polytechnic Cut-Off Mark in Nigeria.
University Cut off mark in Nigeria (year). 

When use click on any of the search results to any site or blog, that send a message to Search engine that this site is best for this Keyword.

And search  robot save that as data and when it is search for again, Search Engine shows up that site for that keyword.

That is how Search Engine Rank Site.

No matter your budget, your host should be very good in DNS and CND map.

That is why I recommend any of my blogging clients to use their country Webhosting aspect you are going to use Google as your host even at that, if your blog focus on country audience like if your blog focus on Nigeria Audience, let your Webhosting be a good Nigeria host and domain name extension connect somehow to your country like having a .com.ng or any  .ng domain extension. You can have a .com but at least let your host be good Nigeria Host.

Like the popular blogging CMS (Content Management System) are Wordpress and Google Blogger, you can find a Wordpress Webhosting in Nigeria or use a country domain name extension – this would help your SEO growth.

Wordpress Webhosting might be expensive for you because maybe you do not have a strong source of income now or you are a student, that is why I want to teach you how to host a Website without any Webhosting plan 🙄

How To Create A Blog Without Paying For Webhosting Plan in Nigeria

I do not know if I confused you in that heading but as you read you get what I am saying.

Read this section  line by line 

Can you actually own a website without hosting it?  No.

Do they have free host? Yes.

Now in the video below I would show you how to create a free hosted blog step by step.

Watch it on this site – here.

Do you understand this video, if no and you are still interested in learning how to create a Google hosted blog.

Here is the complete steps.

Step 1: Go to Blogger.com

Step 2: Sign in and click Create A Blog.

Step 3:  Add Your Blog Name and Specify a URL (web address).

Step 4: Click Create.

Step 5: Congratulations, your blog is live.

But,  that is not all.

You have just succeeded in creating a basic free blog and  you can do whatever you like with it but if you want it to become professional and profitable blog like IncomeBrain you are on now, that is the look and design, set up and custom domain name and others.

I would like to do that for you and you will only focus on creating great content and driving traffic (views) to your blog.

Normally, my personal training and blog set up service is ₦25,000 Naira (one time payment) but as we are in the season of X-mas, you can get your blog set up and everything do for you for just ₦10,000 Naira (one time payment).

Done For You:

+ Blog Creation and Set up. (Blog Design).

+Custom Domain Names For 1 year & Domain Name Mapping.

+ SEO Set up. 

+ Google Adsense Set Up.

+ Email List Building Training.

+ Facebook Ad Marketing Training.

+ Blog Post Graphic Design Training.

+ And Others.

Are you interested? .

If yes, pay to our Administrator Account:

Amount: ₦10,000

Bank Name: FirstBank of Nigeria Plc.

Account Name: Ebube James Okwuoha

Account Number: 3123316887

After payment, send prove of payment to our whatsapp number: 07055487338 and once we confirm your payment, we would contact you. 

I would love to hear from you, if you feel that that price is totally out of your budget and you would like to know if we can give you at your own price, contact us via our facebook page m.me/incomebrain

You can leave a comment here about this post and I Would reply immediately.

Thank you and God Bless.

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