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Honest Videomine Review: Videomine Not Working Again

Videomine org review – legit or scam


Videomine org review. In this guide, you will know everything about Videomine org and how it works. After reading this full guide, you know whether Videomine org is legit or a scam.


Many people have not heard about Videomine, and most of those who have heard about it are doubting and afraid to risk their hard-earned money on the platform.


Many platforms like Videomine promised to pay users for simple tasks, but many of them failed to fulfill their promise. So we want to prevent people from falling victim to those fake websites.


However, there are still legit platforms out there fulfilling their promise. Is Videomine among those? You will get to know once you finish reading this legit review.


Let’s dive in


What is Videomine?


Videomine technology is an innovative platform that allows users to make money online in two different ways (by performing simple tasks and becoming affiliates).


Both methods are explained in this post.


Is Videomine legit?


From our own research, Videomine is a legit platform. They have been around for a while now and they are doing well.


Though, we don’t know how long the platform will last. It may crash or keep going till eternity.



How To Withdraw From Videomine

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How does Videomine works?


In Videomine, there are two packages. Individual package and group package.

The individual package allows you to earn for performing simple tasks. It also allows you to refer people and earn per every individual you invited.

Below is how an individual package works:


  • Coupon fee: N2000
  • Registration bonus: N1000
  • Referral bonus: N1400
  • Daily visit: N100
  • Watching video: N150 per video
  • Viral video post: N200
  • And skill center for learning new skills


Below is how the grouping package works;

People who register under this package will require following the steps below.

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  • A group must complete. Once your group cycle is complete, you can withdraw N10, 000 immediately.
  • You will earn, N1500 whenever your direct down line completes a cycle. This may be your best way of earning from the site if you have many downline.
  • You will have a chance to win many things like iPhones, laptops, and many other things once you complete a certain circle goal.
  • Registration and re-subscription is, N2000 only



Videomine registration/sign up


Before you can register or signup on Videomine technology, you must a coupon code which costs N2000 only. You can purchase from their vendors or purchase directly from the site.


After that, visit www.videomine.org and locate the sign-up button on the menu of the site. Click it and fill it in correctly. During this process, you will be asked to input your coupon code. Input the coupon code you bought from their vendor or from the site.

Follow the above simple methods and register successfully on Videomine technology.


Videomine login


After you have successfully registered on the platform, you can simply visit this www.videomine.org/login.php to login in easily.

You will need to put the username and password you use while registering.


Videomine contact details


Videomine contact details are always open for questions and complaints, unlike other platforms where their contact details are hidden.

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You can reach out to Videomine through the below details;

Videomine Withdrawal




Thanks for reading the Videomine org review; I hope you found this article helpful. And if there is anything we didn’t include in his article, please drop it in the comment section below, so we can add it.


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