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2 Simple Must Do Things To Increase Your Commission And Points On H2i Topupandearn Salary4life

Are you frustrated because of how slow your Commission, Points and Referal Bonuses Cummulate (add).

Here is what you should do if you want to increase your Earnings on Topupandearn and make more money on salary4life.

How to increase your earnings on topupandearn salary4life

There are things that you can do that will result to increase in revenue or commission in any VTU Business.

#1: Referring Others To Join with your referral Link.

#2: Recharging or topping up using your E-wallet.

Let me tell you more on how this 2 key secrets works in VTU Business.

Well, this is the two (2) major method of making money in VTU Business and the activities are what will increase your Referral Commission, Points, Bonus, Commission, you have to be doing it consistently to continually increase your points and commission on the VTU dashboard website.

This method is what I called “VTU Fast Track”  and if you are on H2i TopupandEarn Salary4life, when you refer people to join the platform, you earn ₦500 per each refer and you can use that commission to fund your E-wallet.
Let say you refer 20 persons to join and they successfully join using your referral link, you would earn a total of ₦10,000 and some points would be added to your account and you will earn $300 or there about when your point reach 62.4 point and you can use that ₦10,000 to fund your VTU Ewallet and also as a Start-Up capital.
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#2: Recharging And Topping Up Using Your Ewallet

Using your Ewallet to Top is a way of making money in VTU Business and not only about earning commission but it also saves time of loading numbers and code to recharge, when you have fund your ewallet with your refer commission, you can then use it to purchase airtime, data, electricity bills, Tv bills and lot more.
These are the Two (2) Simple and fastest ways to increase your commission, points and earnings in VTU Business today.
You can level your comment below and tell which one you found profitable more.

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