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How To Make More Money In VTU Business In Nigeria (Today)

Can I Make Real Money With My VTU Business In Nigeria And What Do I Need?

Yes, It is possible and you can even make up to ₦100K a month or with 7 days. Let me show you How?

VTU stand for Virtual Top Up and it has become a very lucrative business for some companies and individuals.

VTU as a business is the trading (buying and selling) of E-Top Up recharge and subscription of our everyday system network online.
This model of topping up is becoming more popular and widely used by many, it covers recharging of Airtime, Data, Tv Subscription, Electricity Bill, E-Pin & Exam Pin Flight booking (coming soon) and many more of our everyday spending expenses.

So, you can see it covers most of our everyday expenses budget. VTU is a method of recharging, topping up and purchasing product online or electronically.

The good news is this; it has now become an opportunity business model everyone with an internet device can start and succeed. Do who know the Business Strategy Are Still Making It Big.

If you are into VTU Business, I would love you to give me your ATM – Attention Time Mindset.
I am going to be sharing with you an untapped secret in VTU Business today that makes more money for you.

Here I am going to share with you some quick secrets I discover from my research on how really do one make money consistently from VTU as a Business today, if you would love to start VTU Business today, check out my previous post on VTU Business on this blog. (Click here to read full detailed post »).

As a VTU Business trader, you must fund your E-Wallet to be able to profit well from the business to avoid bank charges. I also wrote on 3 Actionable Methods To Fund Your Ewallet Without Using Your Money (click here to read more about Ewallet funding »).

VTU Business is also an online busines, if you would love to see other online business that really make legit money online, check out my latest post on 3 New Online Business To Start (Click here to read full article on Online Business »).

VTU Business Today


Are you into V-T-U Business?
Here are some untapped method to make more money from VTU Business.

#1: Build Your Network

You have heard this before but you ignore it, see why you need or there is a need to build a network. A network is an inter-connection among system from a main source of supply, how do this concern this business. Just you can’t recharge or purchase airtime or other services and product to become a millionaira in the business or make more money fast, when you get people registered under you and they buy, use and do any activity under your network, you profit. Let say you make ₦1 from any referral activity with the main platform and you have up to 1M people in your network – that is ₦1 Million Naira to your account. The higher the number of network you are able to grow the higher your income in the business, unless you have poor marketing strategy.

#2: Join A Legit VTU Business Partner Program

This has a lot effect in your marketing growth and your reputation, it is good to join a program people know good off and are will to join not a system that promise to pay you higher.

Partner with good reputation are few and scam once still exist, be carefull and read reviews before investing you hard earn money.

#3: Fund Your E-Wallet 

Why did I include this as a way to make more money, as a business person the place you buy your goods and at the rate you sell matters a lot , when you fund your ewallet with good money, it help you reduce bank charges and you can sell ewallet to your downlines or to others. It will help you also profit very well in the business.

#4: Educate And Train Your Downline of New Development in the system

When you do not train your downline very well, they are left behind on how to do or use some certain features and they feel uncomfortable with their struggle and silently leave your network to another and thereby cause you to loose commission from that person and his or her future downline also. But when they understand and know how to use every menu and feature in your program, you then have lesser work to do and they will help you build your network.

#5: Use Good Marketing Strategy

Your marketing condition will determine the overall growth in the business, let more people know about the VTU Business, Use the VTU Business and Refer others to join the VTU business that is the only way to succeed in the business.
Plan out a good marketing strategy and test every plan and stick to what really works and learn from your mistakes or others mistakes.
Attend seminars, organise seminar and build a team.

Conclusion & Summary

This VTU Business is not by HOW MUCH DO THEY PAY but by HOW MANY NETWORK you are able to build.
You can start, grow and build a success VTU business with your smartphone using the internet and social media. I would advice you make it a side hustle business at it your stage and be consistent, Take it as a business and let it grow and avoid using as a get rich quick scheme.

In the business you can make money by just referring others to join and make cummulative earnings from your activities on your dashboard.
Thank you and God Bless you!
I would love to read and reply to your comment here concerning any thing that is under VTU Business here.
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