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How To Get More People To Join Your VTU Business Team In Nigeria (Faster) – Step By Step

Step by step process for prospecting new downlines

Here in this post article, I am going to show you the step by step ways to increase your downline in any Network Marketing Business or VTU Business Team Members Fast Without struggles.

Getting more people into your team or downline network is the most difficult problem NEW Nework Marketer face in the business of Networking and Never get the right answer quick from reading books or attending successful network marketers seminars or training, this post would show you how to get and sign up your first 10 – 1,000 downlines under your team network.

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Network Marketing in any business is the best marketing techniques to grow a company name and product fast and make more sales, but the mindset giving to it in Nigeria is not encouraging for interested individual (investors). That has made it very difficult for you to recruit people as your downline team members fast or at once encounter with prospect, there are numerous ways you can get more downliners or grow your team but in this post, I am going to outline and bastically talk about my top 10 methods that works.

10 Ways To Recruit People To Your Network Marketing/ VTU Business In Nigeria (Quick)

1. Join.
2.  Practice.
3. Master.
4. Testimonial.
5. Confidence.
6. Outreach.
7. Follow – Up.
8. Prospecting.
9. Reward.
10. Sponsorship.

Let browse through them and know how it relate with our topic of today, if you know of other method or the method that has work for you and is legal, please share with us at the comment section below this post.

#1: JOIN

You have to join a register legal company to be able to do the business and also register others to join the platform, you can also see this post I wrote some months back at IncomeBrain to know How to start or join VTU Business in Nigeria. And you must have a Sponsor to register to be able to get approved fast. How register others under your platform as your downline is to simply use your refer link [(website link)/ref/(username)] like this topupandearn.com/ref/incomebrainNG
That is the approve link to join our own VTU Business and it would automatically register you under our downline list.


Our next method would be Practice.


Practice and learn how the business works, experiement everything in the business (loss and gain). Practice and prepare your speech and be bold.

#3: Master

Pratice is the key to mastering, consistent pratice brings perfection.

#4: Testimonial
Share life changing story with your new prospect, if any yet or others story. Testimonials are  steps that lift the eye of new prospect.

#5: Confidence
Confidence are the attribution that shows your business model has work before, it is a must for all network marketer, new or old ones in the business.

#6: Outreach
Reach out to prospect via all possible means and remain in their mind always, you can create free content that encourage new prospect to join/sign in to your downline of your networking business. Share flyers, handbills, posters, place adverts on different platforms for new or old prospect to see. Organise business seminars free or paid. Always give them your direct link to join.

#7: Follow – Up
After outreaching and getting prospect contacts, do a follow up by sending them cool, warm and hot greetings and reminder to remember that last discussion with you. Follow up is one most important part in prospecting.

#8: Prospecting
Prospecting is one of the most mighty part in network marketing business and a way to stay and keep in touch with prospect far or near, you can do this with every part in marketing like email marketing, bulk sms, social media marketing and other means in prospecting.

#9: Reward
Reward and appriciate good work from existing members in your downline list, by the hard work, efforts, time and many more.

#10: Sponsorship
Sponsor events or seminars or anything that would make you be seen by prospect always, do not over do this method but keep them wanting for more. Promote what they love and add a watermark of your team or company name on it.

Bonus Tip: Digital Marketing

Go online and find ways to reach new prospect, by starting a Blog, Podcast or a Youtube channel. Even an active Facebook group or page can help on a long term.

Run online advert always to get new followers that can later turn into a quality prospect.

Encourage existing member to duplicate what you do in the business to grow fast as a team, you can not do it all alone.

Assign everyone in your team a post office to control like assign one of them as social media manager, customer care team, sales team and technical team. That is you divide your team into different sub team to work as a brand.

Educate and train existing team members regularly to keep them up to date of any new developments.

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