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Is VTU Business Another MMM Secret Program To Come Back? (is vtu business scam)

The reason why you do not want to join any VTU Business is because you are afraid of been scammed again, Yes Or No.?

Is VTU Business Another MMM Secret Program To Come Back?
Is VTU Business Another MMM Secret Program To Come Back?

Is VTU Business a Scam, Yes or No. Someone asked me this question when I was telling him the benefit of VTU Business in Nigeria. He even ask, “is MMM back in Nigeria Again”.

Do you know that some persons do not really know what is the full meaning of MMM, do not confuse MLM for MMM.

MMM means Money Making Machine.

MLM means Multi Level Marketing.

When Did MMM Started In Nigeria?

MMM came to Nigeria in the year 2016/17 and crushed down in 2018. (fact) if you think I am wrong, tell us the correct year at the comment section below.

VTU Business is still functioning and it is a legit business to start as a side hustle business to make more money, let me ask you “is MMM still paying in 2019”.

You can clearly see the difference:

is mmm back – Yes.
is mmm back in nigeria – Not Yet.
is mmm back again – Not Yet.
is mmm still working – Yes
is mmm cooperation real – No.

Now, Let me tell you what VTU Business is all about.

What Is VTU Business All About?

(All You Need To About VTU Business)

Do you know about Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) or H2i TopUpandEarn, or even about Jumia One, MTN VTU. you might have heard of it in Nairaland Forum and other social networks and media.

Well, it is a system to E-top up and earn some commission.

VTU stand for Virtual Top Up

It has grown and become a lucrative business for some, if you want to learn how to join this business, click here –  How To Start VTU Business or How To Create A VTU Business Account.

After creating your account, you need to Fund your Online Wallet know as E-wallet before you can start trading or buying airtime, data, tv recharge. You can go through a comprehensive post I wrote on How To Fund Your E-wallet Yourself On H2i Topupandearn dashboard – Click here to learn more.

If you want to make money fast with this business, I would advice you focus more on the MLM section of recruiting more people to join the business through you and make real commission like 40% instantly after they have successfully sign up. See my recent post article I wrote on How To Make More People To Join Your VTU Business Team (Network Marketing) In Nigeria Fast – Click Here.

Do you know that you can make money faster in vtu business than any other online business because of the high demand of it products in Nigeria and the globe.

What Is MMM All About?

MMM is an illegal business that promises one to get rich quick within a short period of time.
MMM – No Fixed Acronomy Defination.
See Legit – Naij.com for History of MMM In Nigeria

My Conclusion About VTU Business And MMM in Nigeria

I would start by saying that MMM is not a business and is not a scheme that should be promoted for any reason, also has fraud people of their hard earn money.
VTU Business is a legit business that I ‘Ebube James’ promote strongly for young youth of all level both for student and workers not because I was paid or would be paid by telling this information.
Do not mistake VTU Business for MMM or any other Pronzi program (Pyramid Scheme).
Thank you and also try to check out other post here.

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