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YouTube Money: How To Create A YouTube Channel And Make Money Per Subscribers

Can I Make Money From my YouTube Subscribers and views on my channel?

Yes, you can make money on YouTube. If you produce valuable video contents and build a real subscriber over 1,000+

How can I make money on My YouTube Channel and How much can I earn per views and subscriber watching my Video on YouTube.

We said it is possible to make money As A Video Blogger (YouTuber) but you have to know really how making money online works nowadays, it is not as easy as you were told by other Bloggers or YouTubers. In this tutorial guide, you would learn:

+ How YouTube Channel Works.

+ How To Create A YouTube Channel.

+ How To Upload Videos To  Your YouTube Channel.

+ 5 Tricks To Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers.

Now, what you would need to create a YouTube Channel Yourself.

Youtube is a social video site like facebook watch and Netflix but YouTube gives publishers more opportunities to make money from the video they produce and for building an active subscribers,
Someone also asked me if it is possible to make money with a facebook group and page.

Make money with YouTube videos and channel

To create or start a YouTube Channel Yourself, you need:

Creating YouTube Channel And Making Money on YouTube
Android Smartphone Tripod

1. Gmail Account.

2. Good Graphics Design for Logo, Channel art etc… 

3. Good HD  Camera or Android Phone Camera.

4. Laptop or Desktop computer. 

5. Tripod/ Camera Stand.

6. Mic / Microphone 

7. Video Editing Software.

Now you already know what you need, next step is to start recording your first video.

Becoming a YouTuber, you must pick your Niche to focus on creating quality video contents to serve your audience on daily basis.

Popular  Hot YouTube Video Niche That Earn More Money On YouTube Channel In Nigeria

* Comedy Video.
* Life Experience.
* Music.
* Public Speaking.
*Motivational Talks.
* Tutorial Guide.
* Relationship Tips.
* Drama.
* Porn Video/ Sex Tape.
* Tech Video.
* Homemade.
* Cooking Video.
* DIY Videos (Do It Yourself)
And many more….

If you have successfully choose a niche for your Video Creating Career, you have to record at least your first 5 – 10  videos and it should be ready to be uploaded.

Steps to record a perfect YouTube Video
Cooking in Youtube Video

Here are some Quick Steps To Record A Perfect YouTube Video in 2020

It must have a Full HD quality.

YouTube Source: Justin Brown – Primal Videos

However, you must have a YouTube channel to be able to upload and edit your videos online.

So, Let us learn how to create a YouTube Channel as a beginner from start to finish.

And learn how to upload videos to your YouTube Channel from your YouTube studio dashboard.


Now you have upload your first video and maybe get some few views, you need to start building your subscribers.

Building your subscribers can help you get more views to your vidoes and bring monetization opportunities.

To grow your subscribers, find a hot niche and focus on creating quality and great video contents.

Building a rival audience would not have as a miracle or it is magical, do not be fooled by scammers and black hat guys that promises false influence and make money online programs.

I would advice that after following due steps we mentioned here and want to start making money from your YouTube Channel, go through our guide on the Method of Making Money On YouTube, a video featuring Dan Lok.


Check out the Guide here => YouTube For Business: How To Make Money (income) From Your YouTube Channel And Videos.

Do you learn anything new from this post and if you have tried any tips from this post before and it works or do not, share it with us here through the comment section below.

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