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How To Withdraw From Paypal Account Using Flutterwave in Nigeria

First, make sure you’re a registered business on Flutterwave. If you aren’t, click here to register right now. Follow the prompt to complete your registration.

Next, go into your dashboard, and follow these instructions on how to enable a payment method. Select PayPal from the list and that’s all.

PayPal will then be displayed as an option on your checkout and your customers can checkout using that option.

It’s never been easier to gain access to over 377 million potential customers.

How does a PayPal user pay a Flutterwave merchant?

As a PayPal user, it’s pretty much a familiar flow. On a Flutterwave merchant’s checkout page, look out for the “Pay with PayPal” option.

Click the “Pay with PayPal” button, and follow the prompt as it redirects you to your PayPal account to complete your payment as usual.

That’s it. After the payment, you’re automatically redirected to the merchant’s checkout page as payment is confirmed on the modal.

Teniola, a Nigerian-born U.K resident has friends all over Africa. She’d like to surprise them with gifts, ranging from paying for their Uber to buying them flowers but while she can easily stay in contact with them on social media all day long, paying businesses is a different story.

Jake in the U.S has always wanted to buy authentic African fabrics, art etc and discovering the creators on the internet has proven very easy but paying them is an entirely different story.

There are millions of Teniolas and Jakes that couldn’t easily pay African businesses. That’s the opportunity that has just been made available to everyday African businesses. Mwangi in Kenya can now sell to the world. The possibilities are endless if we do say so ourselves.

Flutterwave merchants in Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritius, Malawi, Mozambique & Senegal are able to easily accept payments from PayPal users worldwide.

source: TheFlutterwave

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